ETC HEC Online Registration 2023 Last Date Apply Online or at this page. ETC HEC 2023 Online Registration @Etc.Hec.Gov.Pk Online Application Login Pakistan Higher Education Commission’s screening tests use ETC. For various competitive exams, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has started ETC HEC Online Registration 2023. New applications are welcome for ETC HEC Online Registration 2023. HEC has opened online registration for the HEC LAT Test for applicants taking the HEC GAT, HEC LAT, or other competitive exams. Register for the law admission test for 4-year LLB programs here. Overall! ETC HEC registration is covered in today’s post.

Pakistan Higher Education Commission created Education Testing Council (ETC). It’s meant for Pakistani public and private university admissions. USAT, LAT, GAT, and HAT are typical entry test names. LAT Test is scheduled for August 21, 2023. The 05-year LLB program requires the LAT Entry Test.

Applicants can take the LAT at the Higher Education Commission. In the same spirit, ETC HEC Online Process for applying is also open for USAT Batch-II till 9 September. That’s to say, Education Testing Council ETC is a site where applicants submit an application for the Entry Test. In summary, HEC has launched its portal till September 9, 2023, for the 2nd Batch for Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) (USAT).

ETC HEC Online Registration 2022 Portal

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan organization has set up a test council known as Education Testing Council (ETC). It was specifically created to be used for admissions into private and public institutions in Pakistan. The most popular names for this test include USAT LAT, GAT, and HAT. It is worth noting that the LAT test will take place on the 21st of August 2023. After that, the LAT entrance test will be mandatory to ensure admission to the age-old LLB program. Login

It is also essential to pass with at least 50% marks for admission to HEC-affiliated universities/colleges and institutions. Candidates who are interested should finish an HEC LAT Cataloging by August 2023 and will be able to apply until the closing date. Students who completed education to the level of Intermediate Part 2, for instance, are eligible to apply online to an exam with the Education Testing Council. ETC HEC Online Registration 2023

The Higher Education Commission is ready to hold this year’s LAT Law Admission Test for those who are interested in applying. In the same vein it is also possible to apply online for ETC HEC online application process is available in the USAT Batch-II until September 9. This means that Education Testing Council ETC is an application platform for applicants to apply for an entrance exam. Shortly, HEC is now open on its portal from September 9 to 2023 to register for the second Batch of Undergraduate Studies admission Test (USAT).

HEC USAT Test Registration Online

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has launched an online application process for registration to the HEC LAT test which will take place on August 21, 2023. HEC LAT registration for 2023 is already in process. HEC LAT admission test is required for admission into the five-year LLB program. Applicants must pass the HEC LAT test with 50% marks to be admitted to HEC-affiliated universities/colleges and other institutions.

ETC HEC Online Registration 2023 |

HEC Conduct Law admission tests every year, four times. The HEC LAT test registration session scheduled for August 2023 will be made available to the public. Anyone who wishes to be a lawyer has to be admitted to the 05 year LLB program. It was recently announced that the Supreme Court of Pakistan recently decided that HEC Law Admission Test is obligatory for all law students.

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1. ETC Online Portal Click Here
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5. ETC Registration User Guide Click Here
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In accordance with the instructions as directed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission has started the online registration process for the LAT 2023 exam. The LAT registration online portal is now open for the entrance exam which will take place on August 21st, 2023. HEC LAT Exam Fee is 1000 Rupees, which must be deposited into HEC bank account No. 17427900133401.

Who is Eligible to Take the HEC Law Admission Test?

  1. Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or students who have a similar qualification.
  2. Students who have not yet received their results after having taken the HSSC final exam or an equivalent
  3. Any adjustments to the exam date will be announced on A week prior to the exam date, candidates who registered themselves through the HEC online registration process could download their Roll Number Slips from
  4. To notify registered candidates about the date and time as well as the whereabouts, texts and emails are sent. Candidates need to complete their online application form by providing an email address that is valid and a number of their cell phone.
  5. In order to get into the examination center, a photocopy of the number slip for the exam as well as the original CNIC is required.

Law Admission Test LAT 2023 Registration

Find out more about ETC HEC 2023 online registration for the HEC LAW GAT and the LAT USAT scholarship in addition to a different test that will help you recruit. The HEC Law Admissions Test 2023 roll borders that are required to be used for LLB Years programs can be downloaded via the ETC HEC’s ETC HEC account or from this page. ETC Registration Login

ETC HEC Online Registration 2023 Last Date Apply Online

ETC HEC Online Registration 2023 Last Date Apply Online

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has announced its ETC HEC 2023 online registration for various competitions. HEC invites applicants to join registration for ETC HEC 2023 online registration. For candidates who plan to take an exam like the HEC LAT exam, HEC GAT, or any other test that is competitive, HEC has launched the online registration process for this HEC LAT examination. Law Admissions Test to Admission to four-year LLB Programs Registration information is available here. To summarize! In this post, I’ll go over the entire ETC HEC registration procedure here. Let’s start!

Apply Online HEC LAT Registration 2023

An application form will be issued to all applicants who have been accepted into the five-year program in HEC Law LAT 2023 HEC Law LAT2023 LLB Admission Test and are not yet receiving their registration card. Students who wish to be admitted into this five-year LLB course will be able to sit for this Law Admissions Test. The examination is run through the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) which is making preparations to issue the attendance slips of students who will be admitted in the near future.

HEC LAT Test Schedule 2023

You can download the ETC admission card for LAT on this page as well as on ETC’s website of official ETC website. ETC. The ETC 2023 results simply by typing in the roll number. If you’re one of those who are looking to find the ETC HEC 2023 Registration Form you’ve come to the right spot. It is possible to register online after completing your 12th grade. The date for online registration is determined.\

LAT LLB Admission Test 2023 Apply Online

According to formal announcements the company has declared that it is expected to conduct the ETC LAT test will be scheduled for January 30th, 2023. You must log in to this website to sign up for the Education Testing Council Pakistan. If you want to get a LAT LLB test roll number slip by the date, it is vital that you sign in to the site on a regular basis.

ETC HEC LAT Registration 2023 Last Date to Apply

Make sure you check back our site regularly for the latest information on the HEC The LAT Matriculation slip for the year 2023. Keep checking this website regularly to keep up-to-date with information regarding ETC HEC Registration date as well as test date, test dates for ETC HEC Roll Number Slips, as well as the time and date of the rollover slips exam, as well as the answer key as well as ETC results for 2023.


Now enter your details below. CNIC/Passport *. Password. HEC announces the date for testing the LAT tests twice per year. LAT results are valid for up to two years. LAT results are valid for two years. Passing the test will make you qualified for admission into law school in about two years. We’ve provided the HAT and LAT test programs, along with previous test papers, samples of paper models as well as examples of papers.

Online registration HEC 2023 exam

Are you visiting us to register for ETC HEC 2023 online registration? Good! Follow the steps below to register. Also, you can find out what is required in ETC registration. Absolutely, for any entrance test or competition conducted through HEC HEC Higher Education Commission, candidates must sign up through ETC HEC. ETC HEC portal. Requirements for ETC HEC 2023 Registration! Personal information, Challan form processing, Let’s review the entire procedure!

ETC HEC online registration procedure

To complete ETC HEC Online registration! The applicant should follow the following steps! Visit There are two components required to finish the registration for HEC Online registration.

  1. Create my profile (email telephone number, email address as well as academic records)
  2. Submission of applications to (LAT, USAT or other tests)
  3. Get your Challan form and then download it from the HEC ETC portal.

How to Register for the LAT 2023 at HEC for Law Admission

  1. For online registration, please click on the following link:
  2. Go to to resolve any problems with online registration.
  3. The exam fee of Rs. 1250 is to be paid online or at an ATM or direct debit to a bank account at Higher Education Commission, Habib Bank Limited Branch Code 1742, Account Number. 1742 7900 133401.
  4. Any exam center listed from the list of choices is open to applicants on their application forms. Be aware that once you have completed your registration the exam center can’t be changed.
  5. The last day to sign up online is the 10th of January 2023.


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