Fazaia Educational Welfare Scheme has invited applications for Fazaia educational scholarship 2023-23 from serving and retired Pakistan Air Force personnel. Fazaia Educational Scholarships 2023 are available in two categories. Fazaia Educational Welfare Scheme has opened applications for the Fazaia Educational Scholarship for 2023-23 to children of serving or retired Pakistan Air Force personnel. Fazaia Educational Scholarships for 2023 are available in two forms.

Fazaia Education Welfare scheme is soon to announce the Merit-based Scholarships for 2023. You can apply online at www.fews.pk from 00 November 2023. The policy makes provision for financial support only at higher levels of education (Bachelor’s/Master’s).

FEWS Scholarship 2023

Students who are selected will receive Rs. For universities of the category “A”, Rs. 80000/- or 75% of the annual costs (whichever is lower). 40000/-, or the annual cost (whichever is lower), for universities in the Category “A” universities. You can find the FEWS website with a list of universities in categories “A” or “B”. Online applications for scholarships can be made via the FEWS website (www.fews.pk). Now is the time to apply.

Fazaia Educational Welfare Society is accepting applications for Fazaia Educational Scholarships 2016. These scholarships are for children of retired and serving Pakistan Air Force officers who have been admitted to any Master’s or Bachelor’s Program. The well-being and welfare of its human resources are a top priority for the Pakistan Air Force. It strives to ensure the welfare of its members, both during and after their retirement. PAF places a special emphasis on the education of its personnel’s children. PAF believes that education empowers personnel and ensures their long-term well-being.

Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme 202 FEWS Scholarships

Fazaia Educational Welfare Scheme 2023 provides FEWS scholarships online for students enrolled at HEC-recognized universities. A loan from Hassana is an excellent way to pay for your education. All applications must be submitted via the FEWS site. You can also print a copy of the form and all necessary documents for submission to the Directorate of Education (FEWS Section).

Fews Scholarship 2023 Application Form

This program awards scholarships to students who are selected on a 6-monthly basis or an annual basis, subject to continued studies and satisfactory performance in the course/ class. The scheme grants scholarships to students who have been selected. They will receive them on a 6-monthly basis or annually, provided they continue their studies and achieve satisfactory results in the course or class.

Need-Based Scholarships Form Download PDF
Merit-Based Scholarship Form Download PDF
Merit/Need-Based Scholarships Form Download PDF

Fazaia Educational Scholarship 2023 Application Form | fazaia.edu.pk

Fazaia Educational Scholarship 2023 Application Form | fazaia.edu.pk

Fazaia Educational Award 2023 Fews

This category is open for applications during September and October of each year. Advertisements are published in top newspapers by the Directorate of Education. Start by creating an email account and sending in your application. FEWS will soon communicate with applicants by email.

Fazaia Merit-Based Scholarship

1-Applicants must have obtained admission in HEC-recognized colleges/universities.

2-Only the children of serving/retired/deceased Pakistan Air Force officers air men and civilians can apply for fazaia educational need-based scholarships in 2023.

3-Children of retired officers/airmen/civilians, whose parents can not work actively due to debilitating sickness.

4-Disabled and special children of retired PAF officers/airmen/civilians can also apply for need-base scholarships.

5-Children of serving/retired PAF officers/airmen/civilians having special/terminally sick children/parents who pose extra financial burden on the family.

Scholarships and Fees

According to the Air Headquarters fee structure, colleges will charge tuition fees, admission fees, and other charges. Banks are used to collect fees.

  • Fee bills must be paid by cash or cross-cheque at Habib Bank Limited PAC Branch kamra (Attock), between the 6th and 15th each month.
  • If the fee bill is not paid by the due date, a Rs. A daily fee of Rs. 10 per day will be assessed
  • Students with outstanding fees are notified by SMS every month to clear them.
  • If fees are not paid for at least two consecutive months, the name of the student is removed.
  • Students must pay outstanding fees and a re-admission fee of one month to be reinstated after being struck off.
  • Parents who are unable to pay the fees by the due date due to financial constraints or any other reason may request an extension from the Principal.
  • Students who score 93% or higher in the SSC Examination are eligible for scholarship equal to tuition fees and cost of syllabi textbooks. They can also be admitted to HSSC Part-I at any Fazaia Institution.
  • Students who score between 90% and 92.99% in the SSC Examination are eligible for 50% scholarship and a waiver of the cost of syllabi and textbooks.

The policies in force govern the terms and conditions of the scholarship award and its application.

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