If you haven’t received the FESCO invoice Check it out here. It is a completely free site which allows you to look up your Fesco online bill quickly. FESCO Online Bill Check 2023 Download Duplicate Bill by refernce no.You can view the latest amount of your bill as well as the due date and also view the complete bill. It is possible to download copies of the bill or print your FESCO WAPDA invoice for payment. Enter your 14-digit reference code below to verify the status of your Fesco energy bill.

It’s a no-cost website that lets you check your Fesco bill quickly. You can view the amount of your bill along with the due date and also view the complete bill. You can download a copy of the bill or print your fesco wapda invoice to pay. You can enter your 14-digit reference code below to find your electricity bill from fesco:

FESCO Online Bill Check 2023

You can type in the reference number to open the fesco wapda account. If you’re looking to determine whether your bill has been due or not you’ll be able to check the bill history. You can review your bill from the previous month even before you receive your bill or download Fesco duplicate bills in case you have lost bill copy. You can view the duplicate bill from fesco on all devices, whether you are using a tablet, smartphone or a desktop This website works with any device and can be used all over the world.


FESCO is Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. FESCO offers electricity to around 4.01 millions of customers. The total estimated population in the Fesco territory is greater than 26 million. FESCO is among the most reliable electricity distribution companies within Pakistan with regard to its operational performance due to the minimal loss in its power distribution system in addition the cost of collecting bills is greater. Its primary service area is Faisalabad also known as Manchester of Pakistan because of its vast textile manufacturing.

Bill Information

On fescobills.pk You can swiftly view the total amount due including due date, after that, you can see the complete bill, in which you will find the date for reading the meter as well as the date that bills were issued and the amount that you must pay on the due date after which there is an additional surcharges, as well. If you’d like to know whether your bill has been unpaid or not, you’ll need to verify this information for final month’s bills. To do this it is possible to view the complete bill and look through the your bill payment history, where you will be able to find the records of the past 12 months, and also the amounts that were paid.

Fesco Peak Hours

Fesco suggests to reduce the consumption of electricity during peak times which can help lower the cost of electricity and also help ensure the stability of electricity supply for the whole region. Here are the peak times:

How can I verify FESCO Bill?

Here are the steps to verify your the fesco bill online:

  1. Visit the fesco.com.pk website.
  2. Enter 14 digits of the reference number.
  3. You will now have the most recent invoice amount and due date.
  4. Click on the link ‘View the Full Bill to view the full bill or download copies of bill.

Fescobills.pk is a responsive site and allows you to view the amount of your bill on any kinds of device (desktop/mobile). All you require is the 14-digit reference number to look up your online bill from FESCOS, which is found on any bill copy that is old. It is not possible to check it using CNIC or by name.

Check FESCO Bill Online

New Connection or Transfer Procedure:

Read the instructions for connecting a new device in this article. If you bought a brand new home with a FESCO connection is already was registered with the previous owner and you wish to change the name on the bill you must follow the similar steps as a the new connection. Visit the nearest office and make an application to change the name or make a correction.

Districts Under FESCO

Districts such as Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, Toba Tek Singh and Chiniot fall within FESCO control.

The price per unit of electricity is extremely costly for a typical person So, you should conserve electricity to avoid discomfort and to avoid the burden of billing.

FESCO Online Bill Check 2023 Download Duplicate Bill

FESCO Online Bill Check 2022 Download Duplicate Bill

Where can you find the 14-Digit Reference Numbers within Fesco Bill?

Do not fret if you are unable to locate the invoice’s reference number. Look for the prior installment on the invoice and then scroll down. It will be on the top of the page, in the lower left hand corner of your invoice in the section titled “Rates “.

Sometimes, FESCO invoices are also known as a user account or user identification. Don’t be concerned – simply concentrate on getting an invoice copy and you’ll be able to identify your reference number in detail.

how to apply for a new Connection to FESCO The Bill?

It is easy to connect with Fesco. Fesco new connection procedure is speedy and easy to do now. All you need to do is complete a quick application on the website. You’ll be able to be aware of what the state of your application is in very little time.

You can pay for your application online and submit your application. There is no need to wait weeks for receive an confirmation letter. There is now no requirement to go to the subdivision office any more because Fesco has a new connection online.

It is easy to log on to your Fesco online portal to request a connection. Simply you click ‘Apply’ and then enter your information. It’s easy to apply for the new connection.

But, it’s not easy to obtain an online connection back in the days. There was no online portal prior to. It was extremely difficult to get new connections.

It was necessary to visit the closest Fesco office to fill out an application. However, it’s very simple to apply online. You can apply for a new connection right from your home.

All you need to do is sign to the Fesco portal and fill out the application. The application is simple. Fill in all the required information and then click submit.

Then it will then transfer the information to the business. The next step is to wait for approval. Following the approval, you’ll receive a phone call. After approval, the Fesco Company will give you the appointment time and date.

FESCO Consumers:

Many of the customers of this group are located within sections of the nation. If we look at the constituencies they cover greater than thirty of the National assembly of Pakistan and 50 of the Punjab Assembly

Aim of FESCO :

The principal goal of FESCO is to increase Pakistan in terms of earnings, and also to provide electricity and other top facilities for its clients.

It’s the only electric supply company in Pakistan which has the advantages of different states.

FESCO Bill Taxes:

Here’s a list of the most frequent taxes that you can find in the FESCO Bill:


FPA is Gas Cost Adjustment. The FPA price on the FESCO monthly bills is borne by the cost of gas for leasing power companies that produce electricity using Oil. It’s possible to see this figure on your monthly statement when there’s a fuel charge due.

T.R Surcharge:

T.R is a short form for Tariff Rationalization surcharge. This is NEPRA and it is the GOP trade gap. If there is a favorable gap it’s likely to be refunded through GOP as”Subsidy”. In the event of an unfavorable gap in the event of a gap that is not favorable, Distribution Business will cover the gap. Distribution Business Will cover GOP because”Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR )”.

FC Surcharge:

FC means Lending Price. The management made the choice to bill 43 paisa for each device as Hamilton’s academic Surcharge to obtain the debt-servicing portion of their capacity Holding personal Limited.

Deferred Volume:

It could be the amount of your bill that you’ve chosen to cover over within the same thirty-day time frame, as well after. There are no late fee for payment on waive charges, but the next statement you receive could contain this number in total or even payments.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

This will be the annual rate of tariff modification. You’ll see the amount will appear will appear on your bill after every few weeks.


How can I download the duplicate bills from Fesco (bill check Karne ka Tarika)?

You can check fesco e bill online at iescobill.pk/fesco-bill/ by entering bill reference number.

How can I verify the bijli of Fesco by the meter number or by cnic?

You can only verify it using a reference number.

What can I do to change the name on my FESCO Wapda bill?

You can apply for a name change by going to the closest office. The procedure to change your name is similar to the process for changing a connection.

What PM Relief is included in the Fesco’s energy bill?

It’s the relief/discount offered through the prime minister of Pakistan or Government of Pakistan (GOP).

Where can I find the Fesco electric bill?

You can determine the estimated fesco amount of the bill here.

How do I apply to rectify my bill?

If you suspect that the amount of your bill is not correct If you believe that your bill is not correct, visit the customer service office and submit your complaint.

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