You can find complete information about booking tickets for the Green Line train on the internet. At one point, Pakistan Railways used to be the fundamental support for the country’s economy. It stood out as an exceptional institution that garnered recognition in various nations, serving as a model for improvement adopted by numerous other organizations. Prior to and shortly after the partition, it served as the most dependable means of travel for people in the subcontinent. Even during the partition, it played a crucial role in facilitating the migration of people between India and Pakistan.

It holds significant symbolic importance in the history of India and Pakistan. Since the partition, every Pakistani government has consistently prioritized this institution. The aim has been to ensure convenient and comfortable journeys for all citizens within the country. To achieve this goal, numerous regular and special trains have been introduced. On occasions like Eid, Independence Day (Youm e Azaadi), and other similar events, Pakistan Railways goes the extra mile to provide exceptional services to passengers, enabling them to celebrate these festivities with ease. The Pakistan Green Line train exemplifies one such endeavor by Pakistan Railways. It represents a remarkable commitment to luxury and superior first-class accommodations, benefiting passengers traveling between Karachi and Islamabad.

Green Line Train Fares

Pakistan Railways has implemented a 10% reduction in ticket prices for the Green Line train. The fare for this train has been lowered by more than Rs 600, transitioning from the previous rate of Rs 5990 to a new fare of Rs 5340 for individuals journeying between Karachi and Rawalpindi. Meanwhile, the fare for traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore on the Green Line train stands at Rs 1200. You can access the schedule for the Green Line light rail service right here.

Green Line Train Online Booking 2023

Green Line Train Online Booking 2023


Green Line Train Online Booking | Green line train Pakistan online booking

The commencement date of the train service is May 15, 2015. The Green Line Express train introduces a fresh executive-class travel experience. This service shuttles between Islamabad’s Margalla Station and Karachi, completing the journey in roughly 22 hours. To reserve seats on the train, please make a visit to your nearest railway station. Additionally, feel free to reach out to me using the provided contact numbers.

Green Line Train Stations

This swift and continuous train initiates its voyage from Margala Station in Islamabad and reaches Lahore Junction, en route through the significant urban centers of Pakistan.

Down Journey:

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Karachi Cantt 22:00
Hyderabad Junction 00:10 00:15
Rohri Junction 03:55 04:15
Bahawalpur 08:48 08:50
Khanewal Junction 10:10 10:30
Lahore Junction 14:30 15:00
Chak Lala 19:10 19:12
Rawalpindi 19:20 19:40
Margala 20:00

Up Journey:

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Margala 15:00
Rawalpindi 15:20 15:40
Chak Lala 15:49 15:51
Lahore Junction 19:50 20:20
Khanewal Junction 23:55 00:15
Bahawalpur 01:35 01:37
Rohri Junction 06:20 06:40
Hyderabad Junction 10:20 10:25
Drigh Road 12:31 12:33
Karachi Cantt 13:00

Ticket prices for the Green Line train from Karachi to various destinations:

Departure Destination Business Class Berth Economy Class Economy Class
Karachi Islamabad 6650 2300 2200
Karachi Rawalpindi 6650 2300 2200
Karachi Lahore 6200 1950 1850
Karachi Khanewal 5150 1650 1550
Karachi Bahawalpur 4350 1500 1450
Karachi Rohri 2550 1000 950
Karachi Hyderabad 1300 500 500

Green Line train fare from Karachi to Lahore:

Train Name Economy Seat Economy Berth A.C Business
Allama Iqbal Exp 1300/- 1400/- N/A
Awam Express 1300/- 1400/- N/A
Green Line 1850/- 1950/- 6200/-
Jinnah Express N/A N/A 6200/-
Karachi Express 1650/- 1750/- 4950/-
Karakoram Exp 1850/- 1950/- 5450/-
Khyber Mail 1300/- 1400/- 4200/-
Shah Hussain Exp 1700/- 1800/- 5000/-
Pak Business Exp 1650/- 1750/- 4950/-
Shalimar Express 1700/- 1800/- 5000/-
Tezgam 1350/- 1450/- 4450/-

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