Green Line train online booking complete details are available here. At one time, Pakistan’s railways were the backbone of the Pakistan economy. It was the top institution, which was mentioned worldwide and was followed by many other organizations to make their own more battered. Before the partition and just a few years after, It was still the top resource for passengers from the subcontinent to travel. Despite the section, it has played an essential role in helping facilitate the migration of people from both countries (India and Pakistan) feasible. . Green Line Express trains run from Karachi to Margala that stop at Karachi and Islamabad as well. Green Line Express trains fares and prices for tickets of various classes departing from Islamabad towards Karachi.

Green Line Express travels between Karachi to Islamabad every day. Green Line Express train fare information for adult passengers, disabled, elderly citizens, and child tickets departing from Karachi Railway station to Islamabad railway station based on the most current fare table for Pakistan railway. Green Line Express total fare ticket price for economy class seats 2200/-, economy birth Rs. 2200/Economy birth. 2300per person, air-conditioned class AC Business Rs. 6650/- A.C Standard A.C Lower, and A.C Sleeper Karya schedules from Karachi railway station from Islamabad in full.

Green Line Train Online Booking 2022

Green Line Train Online Booking


 Green Line Train Fares

Pakistan railways cut Green Line train tickets by 10 percent. Green train tickets are reduced by over Rs600 from their prior fare of Rs5990 to the current Rs5340 for passengers who travel between Karachi to Rawalpindi. For the journey from Rawalpindi towards Lahore, the cost of the green line is Rs 1200. Find the green light rail schedule of the line from here.

 Green Line Train Online Booking 

Service of Train begins on the 15th of May, 2015. The Green Line Express Train is a brand-new Executive class service train. It covers the distance from Islamabad Margalla Station to Karachi within 22 hours or less. To book seats on the train, you can go to your local Railway station.

Green Line Stations

It is a fast nonstop train that begins its journey from Margala Station Islamabad and reaches Lahore Junction while passing through major cities in Pakistan.

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Karachi Cantt 22:00
Hyderabad Junction 00:10 00:15
Rohri Junction 03:55 04:15
Bahawalpur 08:48 08:50
Khanewal Junction 10:10 10:30
Lahore Junction 14:30 15:00
Chak Lala 19:10 19:12
Rawalpindi 19:20 19:40
Margala 20:00


Green Express 6 down Islamabad to Karachi Timings

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Margala 15:00
Rawalpindi 15:20 15:40
Chak Lala 15:49 15:51
Lahore Junction 19:50 20:20
Khanewal Junction 23:55 00:15
Bahawalpur 01:35 01:37
Rohri Jn 06:20 06:40
Hyderabad Junction 10:20 10:25
Drigh Road 12:31 12:33
Karachi Cantt 13:00

With this information, you can control your time and choose the best train for your schedule and budget. We’ve tried to give you the most up-to-date information. If you find any information that isn’t up-to-date on our website, contact us through our Contact Us page. Send us the pages with the most recent information on our Contact Us page. We’ll make changes within a couple of hours—Green Line Train Ticket Price Green Line Ticket fares cost.

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