Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 Check Online Draw Result & Hajj Application here. Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 Check Online Draw Result & Hajj Application here on this page. Pakistan’s Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Ministry released the 2023 Hajj Flight Schedule. Hajj 2023 begins in the evening of Tuesday, 28 July, and ends on Sunday, 2 August. The first Hajj flight departs from Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Multan, and Peshawar. Hajj Scheme 2023 Shaken Airlines, Saudi Airlines, and International Airlines will serve all Hajj Travel under the government. If you want a thorough Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 | Hajj Application 2023 Pakistan guide, visit here regularly.

Pakistani pilgrims performing Hajj this year have a travel schedule from the Saudi authorities. The Saudi government has announced that 179,210 Pakistani pilgrims will fly to Saudi Arabia this year. The first Pakistani Haj pilgrim flight departs on May 21 and the final on June 22. After Hajj, the first Saudi Arabia-Pakistan flight will arrive on July 2 and the final on August 2. The Saudi government has ordered regular and chartered airline operators to follow Saudi legislation at all times.

Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 Pakistan

Pakistanis will Hajj on government and private schemes. The Pakistan Hajj Committee will SMS every Haji Hajj flight date. Discuss Hajj Policy 2023 Pakistan Govt All Packages Details in the comments below. We’ll always help. The direct link is below. Click the link and enter your CNIC or Hajj application number to see your flight schedule.

Check Schedule Online BY CNIC

Hajj flight 2023 inquiry

Every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it must perform the Hajj once. Most pilgrims fly into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Pakistani government announced the 2023 Hajj Flight Schedule. Book your tickets now for this spiritual excursion!

Hajj 2023 Application Form

There are many Hajj packages available this year from private companies. Just do your homework and select the correct deal. Pilgrims should prepare now for a smooth journey. Candidates cannot submit private Hajj 2023 applications for five years. 7 years under the government plan. After grouping all candidates, one group will be generated this year. Groups have 14 members. Pakistani Muslims can apply for Hajj at these banks from February to March.

Application Form For Haj Visa

Hajj expenses 2023 Pakistan

Hajj applications for the 2023 Government scheme began in March, followed by shortlists. These guidelines allow 81000 Karachi or Quetta residents to perform Haji at a cost of 4–5 lakh rupees. This year, people who reside outside cities near key pilgrimage sites must pay double what they would have spent last time when there was no increase indicated by officials but still expect charges at Rs 51575/-.

The government will fund Hajj flights this year. The lucky candidate may have more alternatives! Keep an eye on our webpage for Private Flights and Tour Company schedules. Flexi -Bot: We’re always looking ahead while others appear comfortable with Older.

Hajj 2023 Status

Last year, the government set per-person Hajj costs at 8 lakh 60 thousand 177 rupees and 8 lakh 14 thousand 807 rupees without sacrifice. Visit www.hajjinfo.org to check your flight schedule for Hajj 2023 with your CNIC or Hajj Application number. Hajj travelers have two days to pay the government.

Hajj Result 2023

Hajj packages with sacrifice cost Rs. 888637 and without sacrifice cost Rs. 843267. Accommodation in Makkah costs Rs. 112224, transport Rs. 14696, 38 days of food Rs. 56112, Madinah Rs. 38477, entertainment on arrival Rs. 481, and miscellaneous Rs. The airfare is Rs 181,000, necessary Hajj expenses Rs 302310, transport charges Rs 70006, supplementary charges Rs 35270, and train charges (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah, and return) are free this year. Madina (3100), airport express service 1336, Zamzam 3206, insurance 6787, and visa 16032.

  • PIA Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2023
  • Air Blue Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2023
  • Shaheen Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2023
  • Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2023

North Zone Areas

Northern Zone pilgrims must deposit Rs. Hajj costs Rs. 755,017 without sacrifice.

South Zone Areas

South Zone pilgrims (Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur) would deposit Rs. 791,337 with sacrifice and Rs. 745,967 without. Northerners will deposit Rs 4,000 and southerners Rs 3,100 for a newborn. Pre-Hajj flights run from June 6 to July 3, while post-Hajj flights run from July 14 to August 13. PIA will fly pilgrims from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Quetta on 331 Hajj flights.

Hajj Draw Result

A lucky draw on March 12th selects pilgrims for #Hajj 2023 under the government plan. Check Hajj Draw Results online at www.hajjinfo.org. After balloting, applicants will receive an SMS with the results. The ballot result will be posted here on this page at the day’s end for applicants.

Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 Check Online Draw Result & Hajj Application

Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 Check Online Draw Result & Hajj Application

How to Check Hajj Flight Schedule Online

Pakistan International Airlines, Air Blue, Shaheen Air, and Saudi Airlines have Hajj flight schedules for 2023. Below are government and private updates. Pakistan’s main cities’ 2023 Hajj flights. These government and private Hajj flights are planned for 2023 in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, and other Pakistani cities. We’ll post the full Hajj flight schedule 2023 on this website soon.

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