Higher Education Commission has launched the brand new HEC Degree Verification website that will provide fast and secure verification of degrees that are online. Students can now receive assistance from this new system as they do not have to go to an office to submit the application to earn their degrees online from the comfort of their home. Applicants can easily apply through the web link: http://www.eservices.hec.gov.pk online submission of application.

HEC attests photocopies of transcripts and degrees only following attesting the documents in the first place. How to Apply For HEC degree attestation in 2023 Step-by-Step Process has been explained in the following article. HEC (Higher Education Commission) has developed the online diploma attestation process that’s completely safe and secure that allows candidates to submit applications for attestation of their degree in the comfort at home. The applicant must submit an online application form using the website www.eservices.hec.gov.pk. HEC attests photocopies of transcripts and degrees only after attesting the authenticity of original documents.

HEC Degree Verification 2023

The User Manual contains the entire procedure. For long-in at @eservices.hec.gov.pk, applicants who have previously registered at www.eportal.hec.gov.pk will use the same username and password. HEC attests the photocopies transcripts and degrees only after an attestation is issued to the documents in the first place.

HEC Online Degree Verification 2023 Fee

Applicants, who are already registered at http://www.eportal.hec.gov.pk will use the same username and password for login. If you’ve already registered with the link previously used for verification of your education you’ll be able to use the username and password to access the most recent HEC website. The prior HEC digital degree verification system has ended, you can now access the current HEC web portal.

HEC.Gov.Pk Online Registration

Accreditation of degree programs by HEC Islamabad is often required when applying for jobs in the study, immigration or working within Canada, the US and Canada and other countries. Accreditation of transcripts and degrees obtained from HEC Islamabad has also been required in to pass the WES (World Education Service) exam of credentials.

How To Apply For HEC Degree Attestation 2023

  1. Here are a few steps to follow for HEC document attestation process through online portal: http://eportal.hec.gov.pk/das
  2. The first step is to click on the web link provided HEC E Services Portal. E Services Portal
  3. The Second Stage :You are able to login using CNIC/Passport/POC
  4. 3. Stage : Complete the online Profile
  5. 4th step : Upload scanned copies or copies of all required documents and fill out application form
  6. After the examination of documents has been completed, we will inform by email or sms concerning the next step.

HEC Degree Verification Form

WES applicants must submit the required documentation: HEC attested photocopies of transcripts and degrees that are sealed in an envelope issued by HEC along and a certificate of attestation for the copies. Application for walk-in urgency mode must be authenticated and must be returned by the date of the scheduled appointment.

HEC Online Degree Verification Login | HEC Attestation Portal Apply

HEC Online Degree Verification Login | HEC Attestation Portal Apply

HEC Attestation System

To make it easier for you to comprehend the entire information regarding HEC degree Attestation we’ve provided all pertinent details on this page. If you’re looking for HEC Degree Attestation information on a number of websites, but not finding any results. Don’t worry! This post was written to educate you about the fundamentals about HEC Graduation Attestation. HEC Graduate Attestation.

HEC – E-Services Portal

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has revealed a new degree Attestation System. From February 16th to 2021, the walk-in method for attestation (for urgent applications for Attestation only) is restored within Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta. HEC has introduced an online system to allow degree attestation starting May 29th 2023. This system is superior to the previous one.

Documents Required For Degree Attestation

  1. Application form along with Challan Form ( Courier Receipt when an attestation, is obtained by the courier service)
  2. Current CNIC/Passport (For foreigners)
  3. Submit the Transcript/Result Card along with the Degree to be attested.
  4. Accreditation and registration from relevant professional bodies is necessary for professional degree attestation
  5. An authorization letter with CNIC validly certified by a Grade-17 or more officer is required when the degree holders are not applicants to be attested with a degree.
  6. Photographic copies of passports and CNICs that require to be certified, for HEC record.
  7. If the applicant also requires the attestation of photocopies of documents and two photocopies of documents from the educational institution can be supplied.
  8. Please supply legible photocopies of documents from your educational institution that are to be attested, with ample space for the pasting of the Attestation Tickets, signatures and stamp.
  9. Copy of the old CNIC with father’s name Nikahnama or Marriage Certificates only for married females in cases where the name and father’s names are mentioned on the Degree or Transcript are not in line with the information that are listed on CNIC.
  10. Additional documents on a case by basis, if required.

Procedure for HEC Online Degree Attestation

HEC has introduced a safe and secure online degree attestation system which requires that applicants apply at their residence. The applicant would be required to apply through web link http://eportal.hec.gov.pk/hec-portal-web/auth/login.jsf by getting online registered and creating an account, filling online application form and uploading scanned documents. The application will first examined online at HEC headquarters or regional centers according to the requirements of the applicant. If the application is approved applicants will receive an email or SMS to arrange his visit according to the plan. To help you better understand the nuances about the system the following steps will guide you through the process to submit an application for degree attestation process through the HEC the new online degrees attestation process:

Step 1:

The creation of a Secure Online Account (SMS and Email-based authentication):

A. Registration at E-portal: http://eportal.hec.gov.pk/hec-portal-web/auth/login.jsf

  • Open Internet Explorer (v 9.0 or higher), Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • In the URL box In the URL area, type in the following URL: http://eportal.hec.gov.pk/hec-portal-web/auth/login.jsf
  • The system will prompt the users to sign into or register with the system.
  • After registering or logging onto the website, the user will be directed to the Higher Education Commission Welcome page.

B. Create an Account

  • Select your Nationality
  • If you’re a Pakistani citizen, then choose that country PAKISTAN and submit your CNIC number and region.
  • If you’re not a Pakistani citizen, choose your country of citizenship and then provide your preferred User ID and password.
  • Provide your Primary Mobile or Cell Number, then press the button SEND CODE. Then, enter the code you received by SMS or TEXT and press the button to verify your number.
  • Please read the directions that are provided alongside the fields. If you’re having difficulty receiving an SMS message as well as Email Verification Code contact the HEC call center using the numbers on the site.


Filling in the Profile & Uploading of Educational Documents:

A. Connecting and filling in the Profile

After login the user will appear at “Dashboard”.

  • My Applications: This section provides the status at the highest level for the app (saved or submitted, In process and Attested)
  • My Tasks: In this section, there will be tasks that are in the process of being completed by applicants e.g. Update Application form or Scheduling.
  • From the Dashboard by using the left-hand navigation panel of services, the users will navigate through “My Profile”. The user is required to complete personal, contact and education information.

In the personal information The applicant must upload a photocopy of CNIC or Passport for the applicant is a foreign National. On the Education tab applicants will need to supply all details regarding their education and upload scans of copies of transcripts and degrees which they wish to verify.

B: For PhD. Candidates For PhD. applicants: The PhD Country Directory (PCD) verification procedure is a two-step procedure that guarantees that applicants are provided with the have the most current and up-to current information is in the database.

  • From Dashboard, Navigate to “PhD. Country Directory”.
  • System will search for you within the HEC PCD database on the basis on your CNIC as well as your Email.
  • If the record you are looking for isn’t located If it is not found, you will be asked to enter a PCD Serial Number, which is accessible on the HEC web site PCD page.
  • Complete the form to verify your data and your information will be pre-populated according to your CNIC, your email address, or the serial number of PCD.
  • HEC will confirm your records and then allow you to proceed with the next attestations.

C: Uploading of Educational Documents

  • Upload VISIBLE scans of the relevant education documents CNIC (Front and Back
  • Side)/Passport (for international travelers only) and passport-sized profile photos. The document scanned size should not exceed 500kb.
  • and click “Save and Close” after uploading your documents.

Step 3:

  • Accessing and filling out an online Application form
  • The user can open the Application Form by clicking the ‘Accreditation and Attestation’ menu item.
  • further click on further on the Application Form under the Degree Attestation System
  • Fill in your online application form by filling in the different tabs provided on the form.


The new online degree attestation/verification system is linked with Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). If the information about the degree or title that applicants hold isn’t included in the specified fields and you are unable to contact the person who is in charge of your institution to enter this information into the PQR (List of the University’s the focal Person). Until and until your degree or title details are filled in the specified fields in the PQR, you won’t be allowed to proceed to the attestation of your documents. PQR information is also accessible on the HEC website for convenience.

Choose the the type of document that will be authenticated

Attest new degree:

Choose this option if you wish to have your degree certified that has never been certified prior to. You can also choose this option in the event that your transcript or degree was previously attested, however, not your degree. You’ll have the choice to select degree(s) in your personal profile that haven’t yet been certified.

You can also opt for this option if you’ve were able to verify your degree using the older system i.e. between March-2009 and May 29th 2017. Since the previous system was not fully integrated with PQR and PQR, the information has to be verified in order in order for applicants to be able to go further. It is a one-step procedure where you choose the amount and after a thorough examination, the data is confirmed.

Duplicate Attestation

If you’ve lost the document you have already attested If you have lost your document, click this link for getting your duplicate degree certified. It is required that you bring a Police FIR as well as a newspaper advertisement (complete newspaper is required)

Supplementary Attestation

Choose this option if your goal is to obtain duplicates of the degree you earned which are attested e.g. degree photocopy, transcripts etc. You need to have a valid degree in order to be eligible for this service. You will have the choice to select degree(s) on your personal profile that have been certified before.

Update an Attested Degree

Select this option if you’re degree was already attested, but, due to a reason, it has not been updated. You will have the option to select the degree(s) on your personal profile that have been attested prior to.

Select documents to be certified:

(Original and Photocopies)

Add “Number of pages for original Documents” or “Number of Pages of Photocopy Documents” for at least one type of document.

The amount will be determined based on the number of pages and the amount per page. The Grand Total will be displayed at the lower part on the grid.

Choice of Head office or Regional Center from which you wish to have your documents attested The document must be+ Select the preferred HEC Center i.e. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar from the drop-down menu from which you would like to avail attestation services. Make sure to be cautious once you choose the you want to use the HEC center It is not changed. Select the checkbox next to the text of the undertaking.

Step 4:

Submission of online application

Once you have completed your profile and application, along with uploading documents, complete the online application using the button “Submit”

You will get an alert message on your screen telling you that your application was successfully was accepted for the initial review at HEC by providing an ID for your application.

Step 5: 

Initial online Scrutiny of your application HEC

Successful Scrutiny After the submission of an online request by applicant the application documents are reviewed through the HEC and if found to be correct as per the attestation SOP’s then the application is deemed to be approved in the system.

Revision of Application Form In the event of review, the applicant could be asked to modify the application form, by uploading additional documents or documents.

This will be communicated to applicants via SMS and via Email. The applicant can view the task under “My Task” section in the Dashboard when they login to at eportal.hec.gov.pk

The applicants will need to eliminate the mistakes identified within the “Comment” section of the task.


Scheduling of Date & Time for Attestation:

I. After successful screening after which the applicant will receive an email or message with instructions to plan his visit at his preference and according to the time slots available according to the following manners:

By Self Submission/Authorize Person: In this case the applicant will schedule their own appointment.
the visit to attestation the documents, or through an authorized person. He will bring the original documents, an original copy of the same Bank Challan form, and an original copy from the form in order to get the same day attestation at the office of his choice.

Re-Scheduling of Applications: After first scheduling the applicant is unable to locate an appointment with HEC
Offices for attestation, the applicant may reschedule his appointment.

II. Attestation via Courier

After successful examination and a response to the application, an email and message will be sent to the applicant asking him/her to submit their documents at the HEC specifically designated Courier Company office (TCS Courier Company within Pakistan and Gerry’s FedEx from all over the globe). After receiving the message and email from HEC The applicant must give any original documentation, copies the CNIC/educational documents, a printed copy from the form with the Attestation Fee as well as Courier Fees to the office of the courier. An acknowledgement of receipts will be presented to applicants by a person representing the Courier Company and the same will be uploaded to the website.

submitted by the applicant on his application for attestation on the HEC online Degree attestation systems, to inform the HEC office where he/she has given the case to an approved Courier office. Following the proper procedure for attestation, the applicant will receive a notification to the applicant regarding the attestation of their documents and the case will be passed by the designated representative to the designated Courier company to be forwarded of the case to the person requesting it. Once you have received the attestation form within HEC it should take at minimum 10 (10) work days.

Step 7:

Submitting documents for attestation by personal visit or an authorized individual:

  • You will need to submit required original documents in addition to copies of your CNIC/educational documentation at HEC as well as a copy of the application form to the attestation window.
  • After confirming all original papers, you must pay the payment at the counter of the bank inside HEC premises. HEC premises.


Receive your Attested Degree:

You will pick up your documents attested in the office after the announcement of your name.

NOTE: Tracking of Application:

  • Select the application and click one of the options “View Attestation Details” or “View Application Details”.
  • After clicking the button, the respective sections are and are open.
  • Applicant clicks on Download to download the pdf file of documents.
  • Candidates can Download the Application Forms as well as Challan Forms on this screen once they have submitted their application.
  • All phases are clearly displayed.
  • The Applicant is able to click View Comments to see the comments posted against the requirements of the particular stage.