International Islamic University Islamabad offers a variety of scholarships to deserving and poor students. These scholarships offer financial assistance to students so that they can continue their education. These scholarships are designed to help students overcome any obstacles or distractions that may be in their way of achieving their goals. HEC need base scholarships 2023 for International Islamic University Islamabad HEC invites applications from students of IIU, Islamabad to receive need-based scholarships. These need-based scholarships are available at IIU, Islamabad. The condition is that they will only be awarded to students of lower middle and poor class on the basis below.

International Islamic University Iiu Islamabad offers IIU Balochistan Education Fund Scholarships 2023 to the most talented and deserving students. Students who are studying at Undergraduate 4/ 5 Year level for the Semester Fall 2023. Both males and females are eligible to apply IIUI BEEF Scholarships 2023 if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Candidates who are intelligent and deserving are encouraged to apply. You can find IIUI scholarship links and application forms under the website. Only students who have a Balochistan provincial Domicile Certificate or Local Certificate can apply. Students who have obtained at least 60% in the Annual Examination of Intermediate can apply for IIUI Need-Based Scholarships 2023. The IIU Balochistan Education Fund Scholarships 2023 application form must be submitted by candidates before 02/23/2023.

Note: Students not chosen for scholarships will have to pay their fees. The HEC-NBS shall be granted to students subject to approval by the Scholarship Management Committee (S IM).

IIUI Scholarship 2023 Apply Online

This article will be about the IIUI Scholarship 2023/23, which is a form of financial aid. Students and scholars can apply online. These scholarships are only available to IIU Islamabad students and scholars who meet the NBS requirements.

IIUI Scholarship Portal Login 2023

Information about the IIUI education program can be found on the Scholarship 2023. The IIUI can cross-check the data of applicants to verify that scholarship-seeker students are authentic. While the terms scholarship and grant are often interchangeably used, they are not synonymous. IIU reserves all rights to call parents of scholarship-seeking students for clarification.

IIUI Need Based Scholarship 2023 Apply Online Eligibility Criteria

IIUI Need Based Scholarship 2022 Apply Online Eligibility Criteria

HEC Requires Base Scholarship 2023 for IIU Islamabad

  • A person might be appointed by the IIU committee to verify student data. A scholarship that is solely based upon financial need might include a component of financial need, but may also be based on other criteria.
  • HEC-Need Base Scholarships may be available at the University, subject to the following conditions:
  • NBS scholarships are available only to deserving and poor Pakistani (National) students who have been admitted at the Spring/Fall 2023 Undergraduate level.
  • Confirmation of admission to IIUI is required in order to be eligible for the HEC-NBS scholarship.
  • The scholarship will be canceled if the student’s information is incorrect or falsified at any stage of the student’s study period.
  • Subject to availability of funds, limited seats may be available

IIUI Need Base Scholarship Apply Procedure

  1. Please submit your application electronically via the University’s website at the following link.
  2. Log in to your account and create a password to apply
  3. Once you have submitted your application online, please follow the steps to pay the applicable fee and the Academic wing.
  4. Section for verification
  5. After that, please print and submit your application to the Office of the UAFA with all the documents required as per the check list on the online application.
  6. Acceptance of incomplete forms without supporting documents is not permitted.
  7. IIU will evaluate the applications. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.
  8. Cross-checking the provided data would verify the authenticity of the information.
  9. Students who are not eligible for scholarships will have to pay their fees. The HEC-NBS will be awarded to students subject to approval by the Scholarship Management Committee (SMC), of HEC.

To be awarded to deserving Pakistani National students applying for admission to the Under Graduate and Graduate (MS) programs at the University. The scholarship is only available to deserving Pakistani National students who will enroll at IIUI Fall 2021 semester. Confirmation of admission to IIUI is required in order to be eligible for the HEC-NBS scholarship. The scholarship will be canceled if the student’s information is incorrect or falsified at any point during the student’s study period. Only Fall 2021 applicants are eligible for limited scholarships. Fund availability is subject to change. The student will need to pay the first-semester fee. If the student is awarded a scholarship, the fee would be refunded.

Guidelines to Scholarship Application

Scholarships are awarded based on need, merit and availability of funds. Selection will be made based on information submitted in this form. Investigations will be conducted to verify the information. Interviews may be necessary (s ).

False Information

  • False information can lead to
  • Cancellation or withdrawal of admission.
  • Rustication at the university.
  • Initiation and management of criminal proceedings.
  • Requirement for disqualification in order to be eligible for any future loan/scholarship.
  • Refund all payments received or a penalty equaling the total scholarship amount.

Instructions to fill out the Scholarship Application Form

  1. Use a black ballpoint pen to fill out the form and use capital letters
  2. Please read the application carefully.
  3. Take a photocopy the application form
  4. Fill out the photocopy form. Make sure that everything is complete
  5. Copy all information on the photocopied form to
  6. Fill out the application form and submit it to the admission office or to the focal person
  7. Provide factual, complete and authentic information using
  8. Parents/guardians may consult for family financial reporting guidance
  9. If you are unsure or lost, contact the Focal Person
  10. Make sure you attach all required documents.
  11. Answer all questions. All questions that are not relevant should be marked “N/A”.
  12. Affidavit must be submitted after final selection by the candidate