Download your call letter for the Intelligence Bureau (IB) Jobs Interview Date 2023 from this webpage. The IB official website has released numerous job vacancies, leading to a significant influx of applications from aspiring candidates. The IB examination took place in September 2023, with the outcomes announced on earlier dates. Individuals who have successfully secured positions will receive invitations for the interview phase. If you’re seeking information about the Interview Schedule for IB Jobs 2023, you’ve come to the right place. Visit to access the IB Interview Schedule 2023 for IB Jobs. Below, you’ll find the outlined interview schedule for IB Jobs.

Intelligence Bureau IB Interview Schedule

For information regarding IB Job vacancies, the IB 2023 outcomes, details about the physical and written tests, interview timetable, and the roster of successful candidates, please visit the official website at To obtain the PDF file, simply click on the provided link. Additionally, you can visit to compare your results from the physical test. Gain insights into your performance in the 2023 Intelligence Bureau IB Job Test. The assessments for job openings can be conveniently taken online at

Leaone gov pk Call Letter Download

Leaone Gov pk call letters Download. IB Intelligence Bureau 2023 written test roll with no slips may be downloaded through entering the name of your CNIC below. If it is announced that IB Intelligence Bureau makes an announcement, we’ll publish an announcement on the result of the test as well as a list of those who scored well below , as soon as we’re available.

Leaone Gov Pk Call Letter Download

Written test roll, without slips for the upcoming IB Intelligence Bureau 2023 openings is available through entering the names of the candidate and CNIC below. This is due to the fact that it is the IB Intelligence Bureau has made an announcement about the roll that is not slip-free and we’ll announce the names of your candidates who passed the test and your Merit List below whenever they’re accessible.

How to Download IB Call Letter 2023

  1. Step 1 log in to the system with your valid credentials on
  2. Step 2 Click on Physical Test of GD (BS-7) or GD (BS-11).
  3. Step 3 Click on Print Interview Call Letter Button.
  4. Step 4 Press +P for printing the letter.

Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 Interview Call Letter Download

Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2022 Interview Call Letter Download

1. Steno typist – BPS-14 Click Here
2. DEO (Data Entry Operator) – BPS-12 Click Here
3. GD (General Duty) – BPS-11 Click Here
4. OM (Office Management) – BPS-11 Click Here
5. Tech – BPS-11 Click Here
6. Vehcile Mechanic – BPS-11 Click Here
7. Dark Room Assistant – BPS-11 Click Here
8. Lab Assistant – BPS-11 Click Here
9. GD (General Duty) – BPS-07 Click Here
10. OM (Office Management) – BPS-07 Click Here
11. Staff Car Driver / Despatch Rider – BPS-04 Click Here
12. NC – BPS-01 Click Here
13. Waiter – BPS-01 Click Here
14. Cook – BPS-01 Click Here
15. Mali – PS-01 Click Here
16. Farsh – BPS-01 Click Here
17. Behisti – BPS-01 Click Here
18. Book Binder – BPS-03 Click Here

Intelligence Bureau IB Result 2023 Merit List

Candidates for the posts in GD (BS-11) as well as GD (BS-07) were issued call letters for the position of GD (BS-11) and GD (BS-. Candidates can download the Intelligence Bureau IB Interview Call Letter 2023 online through this site or the Board’s website. It is mandatory to have these slips. Interview Call Letters for 2023 can be found at If it isn’t there, applicants will be disqualified of taking part in the exam. So this slip has to be filled out to pass the test.

IB Interview Call Letter 2023

You’ll need slips for your roll numbers. You can locate the roll slips for 2023 on IB Intelligence Bureau jobs 2023 Interview Call Letter download online. Dates for tests, test schedules as well as past exams.

Intelligence Bureau Interview Call Letter 2023

Candidates applying for other positions will receive acceptance notices sent out in the near future. A link to the test in the event of IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 is provided below. This is due to the fact that IB Intelligence Bureau (IB) has released a number of job jobs that are open to candidates who meet the requirements. This page contains a timetable as well as a check of status options that is only available to applicants who meet the criteria. The link to the exam online to be used to apply for IB Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 is available below.

Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What do Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 entail?

The term “Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023” refers to employment opportunities provided by the Intelligence Bureau in the year 2023. These positions are accessible to eligible individuals who are interested in working within the intelligence sector.

  • How do I submit an application for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023?

To apply for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023, you should navigate to the official website located at There, you will discover information about the application process, prerequisites, and instructions for submitting your application online.

  • What comprises the selection procedure for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023?

The selection process for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 generally encompasses a series of stages, encompassing a physical examination, a written assessment, and an interview. Detailed information and a timetable for each stage can be located on the official website.

  • Where can I access the job outcomes for Intelligence Bureau 2023 positions?

You can access the outcomes for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 on the official website located at The website will furnish data regarding successful candidates and any forthcoming notifications associated with the recruitment process.

  • Is it possible to obtain the PDF file containing Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 details?

Certainly, you have the option to download the PDF document containing comprehensive information about Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 through the provided hyperlink on the official website. This file will encompass details about job roles, prerequisites, and other pertinent information.

  • How can I juxtapose my physical test outcomes for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 with others?

To compare your physical test outcomes for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023, visit It is plausible that the website has a dedicated segment or link that allows you to input your particulars to observe how your results measure up against those of others.

  • Are the assessments for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 administered online?

Yes, the assessments associated with Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 are frequently conducted online. Refer to the official website at for insights into accessing and completing the essential tests for the job opportunities.

  • What sort of information can be found on the website?

The website furnishes comprehensive information regarding Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023. This encompasses details concerning application processes, test schedules, result declarations, and any pertinent updates associated with the recruitment procedure.

  • Are there any specific prerequisites for Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023?

Indeed, each job position under Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023 may entail distinct qualifications and prerequisites. Such particulars will be delineated in the official job announcement available on the website.

  • Where can I access further details about Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023?

For additional insights pertaining to Intelligence Bureau Jobs 2023, which encompass job descriptions, eligibility criteria, and application guidelines, please navigate to the official website at