Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) recruits for Pak Army, PAF, and Pak Navy. It oversees the recruitment process for the major forces of Pakistan and also appoints as officers commissioned. The percent position is exclusively for the development of ISSB exam and preparation materials. ISSB Preparation Books PDF Download Free 2023 Download Online. We have provided all ISSB material, such as test of Aptitude test, the Verbal Intelligence No Verbal Intelligence and interview guidance.

Guide Book can be described as a complete set of instructions to guide you through ISSB Selection. It’s not just an instructional manual, it’s your guide for you’re in Defense Forces, leading you each step of the way to success. ISSB Guide Book and Student Guide provides you with a wealth of information and exercises across all areas that will be tested in the test, including online tests such as academic tests, Intelligence tests, physical tests, and then the interview. The book has been written in English and Urdu Languages. The book is distributed by the renowned publishers Dogar Brothers. Order today. Delivery is available to homes. ISSB Test Preparation Book will be delivered to you via courier. It is only necessary to pay by cash at the time of delivery.

ISSB Preparation Books Free PDF download

Students should study for the ISSB the first test. Only those students should begin their preparation who meet ISSB specified requirements as well as physical condition. Everyone who is applying should be prepared for their ISSB test by portion and then step-by-step.

ISSB Test Preparation Books

ISSB principal test composed of Aptitude test, the Verbal Intelligence test, and nonverbal intelligence. In Pakistan it is a typical practice of academies in which students study their various tests for the forces, including ISSB. It is possible to study these notes, and adhere to their instructions. For managing time it is recommended to take online practice. Through practicing online, you’ll understand the fundamentals of time management.

ISSB Preparation Books PDF Download Free 2023

ISSB Preparation Books pdf Preparation books are available for ISSB pdf Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) recruits for Pak Army, PAF as well as Pak Navy. It’s accountable for the recruitment process for Pakistan’s main forces and assigns commissioning officers. This position accessible for the creation of ISSB examination and the preparation documents.

Analogies No Verbal in Answer Download
First of Verbal Intelligence PAF PAK Army Navy Download
Most important Verbal Intelligence Download
Introduction to intelligence Download
Dogar’s IQ Test with Dogar Download
ISSB Intelligence Download
ISSB Verbal Intelligence PDF 2 Download
None Verbal Intelligence PDF Download
Non-verbal and complete answers Download
No Verbal Intelligence Part by Khokhar brothers Download
Verbal Number Reasoning Download
Shortcuts in reasoning Download
Answered ISSB Intelligence Test by Khokhar brother Download
“Supper Intelligence” by the Khokhar brothers Download

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As you take part in the test the time management aspect will be higher. Additionally you’ll learn about the ISSB read the ISSB exam preparation book in PDF format. This can increase your odds of being hired. You can get these books from your own home that will assist you to learn the material in a manner that is efficient. All ISSB exams preparation materials are available as fresh PDF download from our website for free.

ISSB Preparation Books PDF Download Free 2023

ISSB Preparation Books PDF Download Free 2022

The Pakistan army that is responsible to conduct the test. They are extremely rigorous and challenging for applicants who cannot be able to pass this test. This is the reason retired soldiers have created and created their own manuals to help applicants pass the ISSB exam . These books can be extremely helpful to applicants.

ISSB Exams Success Guide Books Download

The tests are conducted according to the guidelines for the military. These rules is extremely rigorous and challenging for those who take them to pass, making it difficult to pass the test. Because of this, retired soldiers have published and written books on the ISSB test that are extremely helpful to those who are attempting to pass. help. The books mentioned above are not accessible everywhere, so to facilitate applicants, we’ve made guides on the general preparation for ISSB and are useful in the testing of materials and provide suggestions.

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These books are extremely easy and well-written to assist ISSB applicants, so you are able to read and comprehend them without any confusion. Explore these books by Dogar Sons long courses of PMA PDF of solving the picture story of the issb as well as past exams for ISBS and the work of preparation to Z, and can be downloaded here at no cost. A lot of candidates have tried the ISSB test for a long time but haven’t been able to get through the test. If you’re among those students, take heart, because in this article I will show you the best way to help make ISSB exam preparation easy.

The selection process for ISSB is determined on the basis of five weeks of psycho-selection, which tests the abilities, aptitude and character of the candidate. For 5 days at ISSB the personality of you is evaluated from a variety of physical and psychological perspectives.

The four ISSB centers conduct the tests:

  • Kohat
  • Gujranwala
  • Quetta
  • Malir