Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) recruits for Pak Army, PAF, and Pak Navy. It’s responsible for regulating the recruitment process for Pakistan’s main forces and assigns as officers commissioned. The percent post is only for the development of ISSB exam and preparation materials. We have provided all ISSB material, such as test of Aptitude test, the Verbal Intelligence No Verbal Intelligence and interview instructions.

Best Books for ISSB Preparation

To be inducted into any of the armed forces of Pakistan, ISSB is the most crucial step to select prospective officers. The dream of yours will be realized with top-quality guidebooks and other resources created by Dogar Brothers. The Guidebook can be purchased individually or as part of a set along with the book for armed forces you prefer.

Prepare Yourself Test

Get yourself ready to take the test once you’ve passed all your initials. A good book on your desk can help you get directly into your ideal armed force. The book includes assessments tests and samples. In addition, it has all the necessary preparation materials to help you prepare.

ISSB Test Preparation

ISSB primary test composed of Aptitude test, the Verbal Intelligence test, and nonverbal. In Pakistan there is a trend of academies in which students study their various tests for the forces, including ISSB. It is possible to study the notes of your classmates and then follow their instructions. To manage time we recommend you to take online practice. By practicing online you’ll learn how to manage time.

We have separate sections for each test that is conducted at ISSB. Simply click on the link for the test you want to take and you can begin to prepare for the test you want to take at ISSB. There are many tests available in ISSB which is why you must complete your preparation for all tests each one at a time.

ISSB Book Dogar brothers Download PDF 2023

There are books that are on this page that cover the questions on analogies as well as reasoning questions from the Series and IQ question levels.

Download the renowned essential book on ISSB training Khokar Brothers, Dogar Brother Series, Caravan series, and the advanced series books in PDF.

Analogies No Verbal in Answer Download
Initial for Verbal Intelligence PAF, PAK Army Navy Download
Most important Verbal Intelligence Download
Introduction to intelligence Download
IQ Test by Dogar Download
ISSB Intelligence Download
ISSB Verbal Intelligence PDF 2 Download
None Verbal Intelligence PDF Download
No Verbal, with a complete answer Download
No Verbal Intelligence Part by Khokhar brothers Download
Verbal Number Reasoning Download
Shortcut in Reasoning Download
Solution to ISSB Intelligence Test by Khokhar brother Download
“Supper Intelligence” by the Khokhar brothers Download

Guide Book can be described as a complete guide to help you navigate ISSB Selection. It’s more than an instructional manual, it’s your guide towards you’re in Defense Forces, leading you each step of the way to success. ISSB Guide Book and Student Guide provides you with a wealth of knowledge and practice across all areas that will be assessed during the test, including online tests academic tests, intelligence tests, physical tests, and then the interview. The book was created in English and Urdu Languages. The book is distributed by the renowned publishers Dogar Brothers. Order today. Delivery to your home is possible. ISSB Test Preparation Book will be delivered to you via courier. It is only necessary to pay for the book with cash upon delivery.

ISSB Physical Test requirements

The applicants must meet the following physical requirements prior to the preliminary selection:

  1. 1.6 Km Run – 8 1/2 minutes
  2. Press Ups, 15 times in 2 minutes
  3. Do 15 sets of Sit-Ups within 2 minutes
  4. Chin Ups 3 times in just 2 minutes
  5. Ditch Crossing Ditch Crossing 7′.4″ 7′.4″ x 7′.4″ with 4′ depth
  6. Minimum Height – 5′- 4″ (162.5 cm)
  7. Weight – As per the Body Mass Index
  8. Preliminary Selection

ISSB Test Preparation Guide

Before you begin your preparation for the test you should review of the prerequisites that you need to fulfill to be able to take the test. Students should prepare to pass the ISSB initial test. Only those who have met the ISSB standard requirements in physical and mental fitness are able to start their preparations. All applicants should be prepared for the ISSB test through portions and step by step. ISSB principal test consists of the Aptitude Test as well as the Aptitude Test, Verbal Intelligence test, as well as nonverbal intelligence. In Pakistan it is the norm for academy students studying their various tests of force which include ISSB. Take notes on these and follow their guidelines. To assist you in managing the time you have, we suggest you take a look at preparation online. Through online training you’ll learn to learn the fundamentals that govern time.

ISSB Test Preparation Books Free Download PDF [Tips]

ISSB Test Preparation Books Free Download PDF [Tips]

ISSB Preparation Books PDF 2023

Are you searching for the perfect book to pass studying for the ISSB exam? Which are the most reliable study guides for these tests? After you have read this book, you’ll be able to understand the test format more clearly. When you take the test, your the management of time will be improved. This article you’ll discover more what you need to know about ISSB test as well as the ISSB interview prep book that will improve your odds of passing. It is possible to download these books on the internet at your own convenience and well-known publishers will provide clear explanations of the test. All ISSB exam preparations are available in a current PDF format at our website for no cost.

ISSB Tests Success Guide Pdf Books Download

These tests are conducted under the guidelines that are enforced by the army, and are extremely demanding and tough for candidates to pass, making it difficult to pass the test. This is why retired military personnel have published and written books for the ISSB test that are extremely helpful to those who are attempting to pass. help. The books mentioned above are not readily available, therefore to facilitate applicants, we’ve made books that cover the entire preparation for ISSB that can be helpful to test the material and offer suggestions.

ISSB Past Papers Pdf Download Online

These books are simple and well-written to assist ISSB candidates. You can easily read and comprehend without creating any confusion. Explore these books by Dogar Sons long courses of PMA and pdfs of tackling the picture story of the issb as well as past exams for ISB as well as the practice work from the z, and download here at no cost. Many students have attempted the ISSB test for a long time and have not been able to successfully pass the test. If you’re one of the students who have failed, take heart, because in this article I will explain what you can do to make ISSB preparation very simple.

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