KMU Roll Number Slip 2023 Khyber Medical University KMU will be able to conduct the CAT for its affiliated institutions. Many applicants applied for the CAT exam. KMU will conduct the Central Admissions test on 17 October 2023. Candidates should now prepare the CAT test syllabus for KMU CAT  Test2023. The KMU CAT roll number slip can be downloaded from the official KMU website This page contains the CAT syllabus 2023, paper patterns, sample papers, and past papers. This location allows you to download the KMU roll number slip, KMU results, KMU test date, and merit list. How do I download the KMU Roll No Slip 2023?

KMU Test Roll No. Slip 2023 Download the PDF from this page. This page contains the Khyber Medical University has announced the dates for registration for KMU CAT 2023 starting from 5th to 20th of August. KMU CAT 2023 test will be held on September 4 2023. In September 4th, 2023 test for the CAT Entry Test will be conducted across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Candidates will be able to get rolls number slips. This week, all applicants will receive the KMU Admission Test Roll Number 2023. Anyone who have signed up to take this test KMU Centralized Admission Test in 2023 will receive get their entry test roll number slip by 2023.

KMU CAT Test Roll No Slip 2023 Download Online

KMU CAT Test Roll No

 KMU CAT Roll Number Slips

KMU takes over the responsibility of administering CAT exams every year. Many candidates apply for the Centralized Admission Test. The CAT is an entrance test used to shortlist eligible and suitable candidates. Slip Number 2023

This page contains the most current information about CAT 2023 test location details, KMU roll num slips, planning guide, and prospectus. It also includes past papers, prospectus, plan guide, past papers, prospectus, tackled MCQs preparation books, answers keys, and the last legitimacy rundown for the meet. Khyber Medical UniversityCAT Slip 2023.

 KMU CAT Roll No Slip 2023 Download

Khyber Medical University announced a plan to conduct entry tests for admissions into BS Paramedics/Nursing /Open Health /BSSLP /DPT/BSOT / BS Audiology and BS in 2023.

Many candidates have registered for the 2023 entry test. The answer keys for the educated section test will be uploaded to this page the evening before the test date. To assess your entry test results, you can download the CAT 2023 answer key.

Check KMU CAT Test Roll No Slip

 CAT Written Test Roll No Slip 2023

Admission to the Khyber Medical University can be made via CAT-2023. KMU CAT 2023 will be held on 04/09/2023. Downloadable KMU Roll Number Slip 2023 for CAT Entry Test 2023. It will take place in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 04/09/2023. In the current week, the KMU CAT Entry Exam Roll number Slip 2023 will be available. Candidates registered for the KMU Centralized Admission Test can download the CAT entry test slip 2023.

The KMU Admission Test CAT is required to be able to enter BS paramedics and public Health Nursing DPT, BSOT BS SLP BS Audiology, and so on. on KMU’s Khyber Medical University Campuses or its affiliated institutions. The registration process of students taking the KMU CAT 2023 started in August 2023 and when the date of registration for the KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 was passed over fifty thousand students had signed up.

Roll Number slip from KMU CAT 2023

Below is an online link to this page that contains the KMU the CAT Roll No Slip 2023. By entering their CNIC number into the box on this page, all qualified applicants can obtain the KMU Admission CAT Roll 2023 without a slip. Therefore, make sure to check frequently to get more information and news. This link will allow you to download the KMU Admission the roll numbers for 2023 on line. We would appreciate it if you let us be aware in the sections below If you encounter any issues or queries about KMU Admissions to CAT 2023.

KMU CAT Written Test Roll No Slip 2023

Anyone who wants to attend Khyber Medical University have to complete the CAT-2023. On April 9th, 2023, the KMU CAT 2023 is scheduled to begin. The KMU Roll Number Slip for the CAT Entry Test 2023 can be Checked. The test will take place at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on September 4 2023. In the coming week, you will have your KMU the CAT entry exam Roll Number slip 2023. Anyone who has signed up to take KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 are able to check the entry CAT Test Form 2023.

 KMU Syllabus 2023 Download PDF

The well-known medical college of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Institution is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan). The university has many colleges and institutions, along with affiliated postgraduate and undergraduate medical and dental institutes, as well as a variety of allied health sciences programs.


In January 2007, the university was founded. The KMU CAT Roll Number slips will be available for download at 2:00 pm on Monday, October 11, 2023. KUM’s goal to develop professional competence to offer high-quality, comprehensive health care for the nation is its goal. It will become a leader in health sciences education, research, and practice to provide high-quality healthcare to all. Khyber Medical University is committed to providing the best medical education and research.

 KMU CAT Test Centers

At the entrance to examination centers, you will need to hold your KMUCAT roll number slip. Your roll number will show your location name, reporting time, and exam SOPs. It can also be used to identify you personally. These cities are where Khyber Medical University will be conducting CAT exams.

  •   Islamabad
  •   Kohat
  •   Malakand
  •   Mardan
  •   D I Khan
  •   Sowat
  •   Peshawar
  •   Bajaur
  •   Abbottabad

 How to apply for KMU CAT registration 2023

Admission seekers may apply online by completing the criteria mentioned above. To apply online, you must create an account using the ID card number or B.Form

Complete the application form for admission or CAT according to your requirements. Invalid or late-delivered admissions forms can not be processed. Download your KMU CAT bank fee challan for RS 3000/– (none refundable). Login again to confirm your payment. Keep your paid slip safe and bring it to the test.

 Criteria for KMU Cat 2023 Eligibility

  •   Candidates who have completed the F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) Examination or Equivalent Examination received at least 50% marks or is currently awaiting results. You can apply for both male and female candidates.
  •   Admission to BS programs offered by KMU Constituent Institutions and allied institutes requires the KMU-CAT.
  •   Candidates interested in admission to KMU components institutes should reapply online for their specialization.

  KMU Admission Portal

Khyber Medical University (KPK) is one of the most renowned and oldest universities in KPK. KMU regulates medical and dental education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. KMU conducts an entry test, MDCAT, every year for admission to MBBS or BDS programs in all KPK medical and dental colleges. KMU Peshawar will now hold an entry test KMUCAT 2023 to admit to various health science programs.

KMU CAT Test Date 2023

The deadline of KMU CAT is September 4, 2023. KMU CAT will be September 4 2023. You can sign up for KMU Centralized Admission Test by signing up for KMU Centralized Admission Test by clicking this link (KMU Cat 2023). If you’re from Pakistan or other country and wish for online application, simply click one of the buttons below to open an account. Making use of an CNIC (or B-form) number will be the most efficient method to pay (Without the dashes). Be aware that the KMU-CAT 2023 card can only be used only for one calendar year.

Test Roll number of CAT Slip

On September 4 2023 KMU tests will take place in these districts. Applications are now open in preparation for KMU Centralized Admission Test (KMU-CAT) 2023, to be used for admittance (as and when announced) for the entire range of BS Allied Health Sciences programmes which include Paramedics Public Health, Nursing, DPT Phamrm-D, BS OT, BS SLP, BS Audiology, BS P&O, etc. In the Constituents and affiliate institutes affiliated to KMU for the period 2023-23.

Number of Roll Slip to be used for BSN Entry Test 2023

Find the KMU’s CAT Roll Number 2023 List of Candidates. The admissions test for the CAT in 2023 will take place on Thursday, September 4th. make sure to check the list of accepted and rejected applicants to determine if there are any issues. Khyber Medical University has put out an open call for applications for the CAT-2023. The 4th of September, 2023 it is expected that the KMU CAT will take place.

Ahs Kmuts Roll No. Slip 2023

It is expected that the CAT Entry Test 2023 will be scheduled for September 4th 2023 across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Candidates are able to check the roll numbers on their slips. In the coming next week’s time, KMU CAT Entry Test Roll No Slip 2023 will be released. Anyone who has registered to take KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 are able to get the CAT entry test roll no. Slip 2023.

KMU CAT Roll No Slip 2023 BSN Entry Test

Here is where you can find your KMU Test roll for CAT # for 2023. KMU The CAT test in 2023 will be conducted on September 20, 2023. This is the perfect time to register in your Khyber Medical University KMU CAT admission test in 2023. If you meet the eligibility requirements will be able to enter programs like BS paramedics Public Health, Nursing, DPT, BSOT, BS SLP, BS Audiology and BS P&O programs. Don’t delay applying until very last minute.

Ahs Kmuts Roll Number Slip

Here is here the KMU Cat 2023 Test Syllabus and a Sample Paper and Past Paper Pattern and Solved MMCQs. KMU Admission 2023 roll with no slip is checked online using Name and CNIC authentic registration numbers.

KMU CAT Roll No Slip 2023 Test Date

The KMU Admissions CAT Test to be used for admission is scheduled to take place on September 4 2023. If you visit the button below, you will be able to submit an application to sit for the KMU Centralized Admission Test as per Kmu Cat 2023.

KMU CAT Test Roll No Slip 2023

Anyone who is interested in applying online, regardless of whether they’re in Pakistan or another nation, must create an account. All you need to do is click the hyperlinks below. The majority of people pay with your CNIC or B-form numbers. Keep in mind that the KMU CAT 2023 will only be valid for one year.

KMU CAT ISB Roll No Slip 2023

KMU The Entrance Test for CAT is required for admission into BS paramedics nurses, public health, DPT, BSOT, BS SLP, BS audiology, and other programs at Khyber Medical Universities or other institutions associated with it. The registration for KMU centralised admission test for 2023 was opened in August. The final date for the tests was September.

CAT Written Test Roll No Slip 2023

The CAT-2023 exam is used to enter Khyber Medical University. The deadline to take the KMU CAT-2023 will be April 9 2023. Check for the KMU roll here. No slip 2023, CAT Entrance Test 20, 2023. It will be held in September 4th, 2023 located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This week it is expected that the KMU Admissions CAT Exam Roll 2023 No Slip should be made available. Participants who have registered to take this year’s KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 will be able to check on the BSN Entry Test Slip 2023. BSN Entry Test Slip 2023.

KMU CAT Admission 2023 Roll No Slip

Khyber Medical University is one of the most well-known and long-running universities. Within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area, the Khyber Medical University is in charge of both dental and clinical education. KMU is always first when it comes to passing the MDCAT exam for admission into MBBS and BDS in all dental and medical schools in KPK. KMU Peshawar is about to conduct the KMU CAT 2023. It is a test to be passed for admission into various health science programs. Khyber Medical University BSN Roll Number Slip 2023.

KMU CAT Entry Test Roll No Slip 2023

Khyber Medical University has put out a call to applicants for the CAT exam in 2023. Download your copy of the KMU entry test roll no slip on the internet for 2023. It is expected that the CAT Entry Test 2023 will be scheduled for the 4th of September, 2023 in a variety of cities throughout the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Candidates can look up their KMU roll number slip. This week, all applicants will receive their KMU Entry Testing Roll 2023. Participants who have signed up to take KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 KMU Centralized Admission Test 2023 will now be able to verify the CAT roll no slip 2023.

KMU CAT Test Centre

  • Abbottabad
  • Dir Lower
  • Kohat
  • D.I.Khan
  • Mardan
  • Malakand
  • Bannu
  • Peshawar
  • Swabi
  • Parachinar
  • Swat

KMU Syllabus 2023

Its FSC The Short Syllabus for 2023 follows the same format that the KMU CAT syllabus for 2023. Physics, MCQs, and chemistry problems were derived out of the Biology section. It’s impossible to score an unsatisfactory score. Anyone who wants to sit for the KMU CAT Test in 2023 are advised to print their Roll Number Slips and bring it together with a recent photograph for the test. The test paper for KMU-CAT will contain 100 multiple-choice question (MCQs) which will be split into three groups as shown below. the test will have three (03) parts…

  • Biology 40 MCQs
  • Chemistry 35 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Physics: 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Syllabus of Patterns

Khyber Medical University CAT Past Papers Pdf

The school started classes at the beginning of January in 2007. You can look over for the KMU Roll Number Slips for CAT on 20th August 2023. The purpose for KUM is to enhance its expertise in order to offer quality, comprehensive healthcare to all of the nation. In the near future, it is the ideal location on earth to study and gain knowledge about health sciences. This will allow for everyone to access good healthcare. Khyber Medical University wants to provide medical education and training at the highest possible level.

Department Khyber Medical University
Test Dates Sunday, 4th September, 2023
Test Time 09:00 AM
Roll No Slip Check Here
Result Check Online
Answer Key Check Online

KMU CAT Result 2023 Answer key

After the test, KMU Answer Keys to CAT 2023 as well as the results along with merit lists, will be made available at the appropriate the date and time specified. The KMU entry test roll number slip can only be distributed to individuals who’s payments have been confirmed. On CNIC you will be able to get the KMU Test roll numbers for CAT. The answer key for the check result can also be found online , in the form colored paper.

How do I check the the CAT Entry Test Roll Number Slip

  • Anyone who wants to be admitted in to Khyber Medical University need to visit or these are the official websites of the university.
  • Select the hyperlink you’d like to open when you’re on the site.
  • The screen will open to show the user a brand new box. Enter your CNIC number as well as a code into the box and press to click the Search button.
  • If you are able to take the test in writing you will see a slip on the screen , displaying the roll number. To print you can press Ctrl + P.
  • If a person is having difficulty getting their CAT entry Test Roll Number Slips they are able to leave a comment and we’ll email an email with their Roll Number address as shortly as we can.