National Information Technology Board NITB result batch 14 15 has been sent out. Download the NITB results here on this page or on the official website Find NITB test results using the given roll number and CNIC (below is the link). An easy method of downloading the results is to look up your batch number, and then click on the link. The file that is generated for Batch 16 and 17 is available for download. NITB Result Batch 17, 18 2023 Check Online by

National Information Technology Board Islamabad NITB Results for 2023 are now available on the website of NITB Candidates who participated in the exam are waiting for the result. We are happy to inform you of The NITB Basic IT Results and the waiting list for batch 14 15, 16 17 18, the LIST OF candidates who are waiting for BIT Exam in Batch 14, the list of candidates who are valid for Batch-14, and the List of Candidates who are in Valid Status will be released here. Result of Retake 14-5 and Batch 15 announced. Result for Batch-17 and Batch-16 will be announced to be announced by 15 November 2023.

National Information Technology Board (NITB)

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) is a Pakistani operational e-commerce-based management agency. The Ministries of the Government of Pakistan decided on August 11, 2014, to join PCB (Pakistan Computer Bureau) and EGD (Electronic Government Directorate). NITB officials declared that it is mandatory for candidates to pass this test to be promoted to the jobs that require it. It is essential to inform absent and failed applicants that they must submit a new application to take the test. They will be reminded for the exam retake and their outcome will be announced in 10 days.

NITB Batch 17 Result 2023

NITB plays a crucial function in ensuring the authenticity of key technology, automation, and IT-based implementation, as well as other IT-related projects, such as development, and graphic design. In addition, NITB is enhancing the boost the influence of e-commerce as well as the culture of governance across all government departments. This group has boosted the e-Governance infrastructure and performance of the public sector.

NITB Result Announced

NITB envisions a digitally-developed and IT-enabled Pakistan within over the course of five years, with excellent IT consulting services. The public departments as well as the Ministries require dedicated consulting and technical support to efficiently achieve their main goals in Pakistan.

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Students looking for NITB 2023 Result Batch 13 and 14 could find it here. NITB is the exam provider for basic IT training. The NITB is the entity responsible for education in the field of information technology in Pakistan and its primary goal is to incorporate information technology in every department of the government.

It has a very positive future given the potential that the globe is offering in the information technology field. The training course is split into several phases that are then followed by a test. The first one is titled “Services.” After that the training session begins and concludes with the basic IT training. Result 2023 Check Online

Participants who took the NITB examinations can now access answers from this link. In other words, candidates can obtain the results online prior to the official announcement. A few candidates cannot find their results on this official site due the website issues. Candidates need to fill in their roll number into the box provided to verify their results. We deliver your results quickly.

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NITB 17 Batch Result Check Online
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NITB Result Batch 17, 18 2023 Check Online |

NITB Result Batch 17, 18 2022 Check Online |

National IT Board Result 2023 Batch 17

The Punjab Government established the Punjab Information Technology Board in 1999 as an unofficial entity inside the Industries Department. The purpose of NITB is to help the people from Pakistan by providing cutting-edge support in information technology to Federal Ministers and Departments in order to enhance their performance productivity, quality, and quality.

National Information Technology Board (NITB) 2023

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) is an active regulatory body for e-commerce in Pakistan. In 2014, the Government ministry of Pakistan decided on the 11th of August 2014 to join PCB (Pakistan Computer Bureau) and EGD (Electrical Government Directorate).

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An announcement on the internet of NITB Results Batch 17-2023 on The National Information Technology Board announced online the results of batches 14, 15, 16, and 17. Candidates who participated in the NITB examinations in 2023 can view their scores online. Then, visit this website to check results from the NITB basics IT scores as well as the waitlist for batches 9,10 11, 12, 13 14-15 16 or 17.

NITB Result Batch 16 2023 Check Online Now

The Basic IT Batch Results along with The NITB Waiting List Batch 16 17/18 status online. This will permit users to download the NITB Result 16-2023 Online. NITB Islamabad Results in 2023 are accessible on the official website Information Technology Board NITB result in 2023 batch-wise may be seen online from this website by roll number and name. This official site also contains the result of the 14 retake tests.

NITB Result List Check by Roll No, CNIC, Student ID

Students can search their names and roll numbers to see their marks. The NITB Results 2023 batch 13 as well as batch 14. To view results for your NITB results online you must input the roll code of your choice. Candidates who have submitted an application for nomination to The Basic IT Training Course via the NITB are able to access the results online. These Basic IT Training tests are conducted through the NITB.

NITB Batch 16 Result 2023

Nitb Waiting List Batch 13 in 202. Exam was conducted by NITB just a few months ago and is required for those wanting to work with civilians. If you fail this test, you’ll never be eligible to upgrade the test to a different scale. There are many test takers and would like to see their NITB test results in 2023. The link the following paragraphs, after following the directions, you’ll receive a positive result.

NITB Result 2023

On August 11, 2014 The Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) and the Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) amalgamated to form the National Technology Board (NITB) approved through the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoIT). The NITB is envisioned to address the operational issues that affect all the administrative divisions as well as Ministries.

NIT Board Batch 17 Result 2023

The Punjab Government shaped the Punjab Information Technology Board in 1999 to be an autonomous entity in the Department of Industries. The main objective of the NITB is to connect Pakistani people by providing the latest information technology and assistance for Federal Ministries and Divisions to improve their presentation quality, efficiency, and quality.

NITB Result List Check by Roll No, CNIC, and Student ID

Download and analyze and download the NITB batch 7 list of results with roll number CNIC The student’s ID, as well as the CNIC. To check the results, just click the link to download the complete rundown. A rundown is created from the batch 17 results which include the student’s roll number, CNIC, and application for the newcomer’s name. Locate your Roll Number, CNIC, and understudy’s name, and then look up the status of your student (Fail/Pass). Non-attendance or disappointments do not have to reapply. They will be in contact with you in the event of a second attempt at the test.

NITB Waiting List Batch 15, 16, 17

Candidates who have taken part in NITB examinations are now able to download answer keys on this page. In order to assess their results online prior to the final and official announcement of results. A lot of candidates are unable to check their result on the official websites due to issues with the website. Candidates need to fill in their roll numbers into the provided box to check their results in the box. The result will be provided in the prescribed the date you have chosen.

National Information Technology Board Result 2023

If you’re one of those who want to know NITB results 2023 batch by batch You are in precisely the right spot. We’ve spoken with officials from NITB and they are currently preparing to announce the result online in a matter of days. It is important to keep on top of your results as soon as you receive the announcement. You can also to download the batch-wise result from this site. We have included a direct link to verify the results without any hassle.

NITB Contact Number

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