This are here the NTS GAT Test Schedule 2023 table for GAT Subject. This table will inform you of the date of the test the last day to register as well as the roll no. slip dispatch date, and the announcement date. In accordance with the schedule provided below, GAT tests are conducted every year four times in different cities at the same time. There are eight centers, which are permanent, but apart from that, four centers are organized according to the strengths of applicants since each center has an average of 200 students. The Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) General test is primarily for admission to an MS as well as an M.Phil program at one among the HEC-recognized universities.

Without receiving a passing certificate from the GAT test administered by the NTS Subject all students are not qualified to be admitted into these programs. The results for GAT test GAT examination is valid one year. NTS GAT Test Schedule 2023 is given here. GAT can be described as an abbreviation for GAT, which stands for Graduate Assessment Test, which means that if you wish to pursue a degree after you have completed 16 years of study, then you need to take this NTS GAT test. Not just attend, you have to pass the test as well since, according to HEC rules and regulations, your M.Phill degree cannot be awarded to you in the event that you don’t have passed the GAT test. The results of this GAT test can be used for the next two years.

Therefore, students with an education degree of 16 years can take the test. They can apply by filling out the application and sending them to National Testing Service which is NTS via courier. Within a year, it will take four subject exams as per The NTS Subjects 2023 Calendar is expected to include in the table below.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023

This page outlines The GAT Exam Schedule for 2023 that can help you prepare in registering for the GAT test as well as earlier preparation. The GAT General Test is scheduled 6 times per calendar year throughout Pakistan. The test dates are announced prior to each one. the date of the next test is announced in a minimum of 20 days in advance of the test in local papers. Be aware that even though NTS announces its testing date for GAT at least 20 days prior to the test, it is at its own discretion NTS to alter the GAT test schedule at a later time. While it is rare, it could occur in certain situations.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023

This page provides the GAT Exam Calendar for 2023 that will help in registering to take the GAT test and making preparations for the test before. It is the GAT General Test is held every six months across Pakistan. Before every test day, the time for that test’s next date is announced a minimum 20 days before the date of the test in local papers. Be aware that although NTS announces the date of its GAT test for the GAT at about 20 days before the test, it’s at the discretion of NTS to change its GAT testing schedule any point in the future.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023

The primary objective of the testing department is to provide test-taking education of students. If you’re searching for a GAT exam schedule for 2021, you’ve come to the right spot. This page will provide information about the GAT test schedule that is included on this well-known website in Pakistan. See the next paragraph for more details.

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NTS Gat Subject Plan 2023

The NTS test schedule for 2023 will be held on January 1st 2023. The test results will be announced in January. If you’ve missed this chance and are looking forward to another GAT exam Let me say that you have three chances. This National Testing Service Center takes tests four times per year. It first was able to take an exam called the GAT exam during January, and then completed its second exam in April. If you don’t want to take this exam during April you can have two chances to sit for your GAT exam in July or you can hold off until the 2023 last exam to take place in October.

Graduation Test Schedule 2023 Test Schedule 2023

The Application Form must be received by NTS(tm) office by the NTS(tm) office before the date on which you have to submit of the Registration Form. NTS(tm) is not accountable for late submission of applications via Courier or Pakistan Post etc. GAT General test is a required test that is required by HEC for admission to any postgraduate studies program in Pakistan. The online registration process has begun right now.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023 Test Date |

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023 Test Date |

On our site we will provide you with details about NTS on this site. You can also find an NTS Candidates List for each test, and after each test, applicants will be able to obtain accurate results on our website. NTS GAT (General) schedule was announced by the officials from NTS and the test will consist of five GAT (General) tests to be conducted by NTS the test’s first date will take place on the 11th of January in 2023. those who want to be considered for this GAT (General) test must send their applications via courier to the NTS office, which is located in Islamabad prior to the last date for submission stipulated on the registration form.

GAT Test NTS Form and Application Form

Visit the official website ( for the GAT-General test online registration, Fill out the registration form online and also the bank deposit slip from the official website of NTS. Candidates who are eligible must pay the amount of Rs. 1000/- to take the GAT general test using an online deposit slip at branches online from MCB, UBL, and ABL or HBL and before the deadline.

The test fee is 1,000 rupees, which can be put in at any branch online of the bank of your choice. The online bank deposit slip is accessible from the NTS website. The registration form is available on the internet. Candidates must submit a recent photo with full exposure. the dimensions of the photo should be 1x 1.5 inches. An email with a valid address is also required since NTS will send you the various information to your email address. The roll number slips along with the result card will be mailed to by mail, so be sure to write your correct postal address. Be sure to mail the your original fee deposit slip to NTS. The roll number will be provided on the slip ten days prior to the test date and results 7 days following the exam.

GAT Exam Schedule 2023 Registration Form for NTS

Eight centres are operational, however, they are different than the four centers; they are designed to meet the number of applicants, as each centre is home to 200 students on average. Graduation Assessment Test General (GAT) is the test to be taken to be admitted into programs such as that of the MS as well as the M.Phil. program at any of the recognized universities by HEC.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023

GAT Test is also required to pass to qualify to be eligible for HEC scholarship (Foreign as well as domestic) in addition to M.Phil admission. Candidates interested will find the GAT Guideline in its entirety general NTS Testing Tate Registration Online and deadline, and also details on the Challan Fee along with the Roll Slip 2023 as well as the Syllabus. The Past Papers as well as Sample Papers, and the New Paper pattern. A complete schedule of NTS Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) (General) to 2023 is at our site. This is where you can get the most accurate and up-to date information about NTS.

Graduation Assessment Test (GAT General 2023)

The Application Forms must be submitted in the NTS(tm) office by the deadline to submit registration forms. NTS(tm) cannot be held responsible for late delivery of the application through Courier or Pakistan Post etc. GAT General is an examination to be passed by HEC for applicants to apply to any postgraduate course in Pakistan. GAT General Examination is required for those seeking admission to any university in Pakistan and every year, thousands of students are tested in the test. National Testing Service performs an outstanding job from the application process and ending with the announcement of test results.