Dear students, Here are the latest Past Papers PDF. Keep visiting the MDCAT Guide website for MDCAT 2023. PMC MDCAT Past Papers 2023 Download PDF by Past papers from the NMDCAT are extremely helpful for entry test preparation and medical and dental college admissions. You don’t have to waste time looking for them. We have uploaded a complete file containing all past papers in pdf Format.

Past papers 2023 and MDCAT subject-wise are available to help candidates prepare for the MDCAT 2023. This will increase your chances of getting admitted. For the MDCAT 2023 test, candidates can also download UHS MCAT past papers. Here are 2019 and 2020 past papers. This page contains past papers from MDCAT 2023.

PMC MDCAT Past Papers 2023 Pakistan

Each student who wishes to be admitted in MBBS, or BDS must pass the Medical Dental College Admission Test. Students are often not familiar with MDCAT or lack knowledge about the test. These students should be informed that MDCAT is required to obtain admission into any private medical college. These past papers are MDCAT 2023 and here 2020. They are available on our page .

Many candidates have taken the MBBS or BDS tests from Pakistan Medical Commission in past years. People are now looking for the TEPS PMC MDCAT past papers 2023 PDF Download PDF. This page has it. However, past papers can be very useful in the preparation for the entry test. This is because they will use some of the questions from the previous papers when they are making new papers.

Past Papers on All Subjects

Students must prepare for all subjects in FSc Pre-medical to take the MDCAT entry exam. You can also find past papers PDF with answers for other subjects on this page. If you don’t understand physics, you should know that the test will ask questions from intermediate subjects. You can also find past papers pdf and answers.

All past papers are in PDF Format. Anyone with an internet connection can easily access them. The questions have been answered. However, there are no indications of which answer was correct or incorrect. It is up to you to decide! This will help you prepare for the exams.

MDCAT Physics Past Papers Download Pdf
MDCAT Physics Past Papers Download Pdf
MDCAT Physics Past Papers Download Pdf
MDCAT Physics Past Papers Download Pdf

National MDCAT Past Paper 2023

All students should have access to the National MDCAT past papers 2023. This is because candidates who will be appearing for the first time can now read the papers and get ideas. Each year, thousands of students apply for admission to government and private organizations. However, only a few students pass the MDCAT test with high marks. However, most students fail to clear the entrance exam.

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Past Papers National MDCAT Download PDF

The PDF file for MDCAT Papers can be downloaded. We have compiled all the files for you. Click on the link below to access our entire collection of MDCAT Past Papers.

PMC MDCAT Past Papers 2023 Download PDF by

PMC MDCAT Past Papers 2022 Download PDF by

Past Papers 2023

Candidates who wish to be admitted in MBBS and BDS programs must pass the Medical & Dental College entrance test. Many candidates don’t have the experience required to take this exam. Students should review the MDCAT Notes PDF form to help them prepare for the MDCAT Entry Test 2023.

The MDCAT Entry Test 2023 is conducted according to the pre-medical syllabus that has been covered by applicants at Higher Secondary School. Understanding physics lessons is essential. You should also know that questions at intermediate levels will be asked. These answers can be found in previous papers. Students can also find answers to questions in previous MDCAT papers. Click here to download MDCAT Solved Papers.

Solved Model papers for MDCAT Entry Exam Download

The test lasts 2 1/2 hours and includes 200 MCQ’s. Negative marking is prohibited in this test as it will result in deducting numbers. The Medical & Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT), will be held on 11 October 2023. Students who applied for admission to the various Dental Colleges should be prepared to take this test in order to become excellent Doctors at these Medical Dental Colleges.

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For the most recent information about the MBBS degree programs, keep checking our website. You can leave a comment below if you have any difficulties downloading the file. Our team will get back to you as soon possible.


MDCAT examination is simple and straightforward.

It is not easy to pass the test. It is possible to pass the test if you study the entire curriculum and follow a few tips.

MDCAT 2023 has how many MCQs

From the prescribed curriculum, 210 MCQs are selected. The syllabus clearly identifies each subject’s topic, which allows students to plan accordingly. Download the PMC Entry Test Syllabus 2023 for Physics, English and Biology.

What percentage is needed to pass the MDCAT?

All students with a 12th grade education, HSSC education certificate or equivalent education are eligible to apply for MDCAT. MDCAT is open to all students regardless of their percentage.

How long is the MDCAT exam?

The test is approximately 150 minutes in length (212 hours). Each question is worth 05 points, which gives the total marks 1100.

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