PPHI Sindh Registration 2023.  PPHI Job Portal Online Apply 2023 is now open. Interested male and female candidates meeting the criteria can apply online at https://pphisindh.org/careers/current_jobs.php. Check out the latest job openings. PPHI accepts online applications for jobs. PPHI does not take postal or courier-submitted application forms. All interested candidates must apply by the deadline to be considered for PPHI Sindh jobs in 2023. You can apply for the vacancies as a bachelor’s, master’s, or master’s possessor. The last date to apply for PPHI vacant positions in 2023 is May 31, 2023. There are many career options that you can pursue, including female Medical Officer Nursing Nutrition, IYCF counselor Community Health Worker CMW Community Site Facilitator.

PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023

This is a contract for one year. The first step is to apply online via a web portal. You must then send your application documents as well as a C.V. to the email address of the organization. The job openings are open to female and male applicants who are permanent resident of Pakistan. Sindh Jobs Advertisement PPHI 2023 offers the chance to apply. People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 online application advertisement. PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 will aid you in finding jobs. PPHI jobs for Sindh comprise (Gynecologist and Pediatric Anesthetists Female Physicians (Male as well as male) as well as Associate Online Registration Formulas.

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Deadline for submission. Test Date and Schedule for Interviews. Last Merit List. The candidates who are interested can apply online through the PPHI Job Portal. Sign up online to apply for the job. For the PPHI Jobs, all you need to do is get access to the Job portal, by visiting www.pphisindh.org/jobs. You can sign up online if you meet the criteria and wish to be a part of PPHI Sindh.

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If you’re not sure whether you’d like to apply, you should read the background information about the business and then submit your application for any new positions that are announced. Interviews are only open to applicants with completed the required documents and are qualified for the job. As the population of the world grows the demand for healthcare products will be in great demand. Interviews are limited to those who are selected. People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative Sindh (PPHI). Interviews are carried out by PPHI on the dates that are announced. It is a Public Private Partnership Programme of the Government of Sindh (Pakistan).

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If you want to create an account on the PPHI Sindh website, you will need to provide some personal information. This includes your name, email address, and password. You will also be asked to create a profile picture. Once you have created your account, you will be able to access the various features of the website.

PPH Job Portal Registration 2023

If you decide to start your working career with PPHI Sindh then there is the ideal opportunity for you. Thus, new and experienced applicants can also apply for government positions in Sindh. It is suggested to have some medical prior experience to be able to provide a specific. To conclude, always PPHI is looking for energetic, results-oriented motivated, self-motivated and appropriate people to fill in vacant positions.

PPHI Job Portal 2023

They are a competent, dedicated team who can reach every goal they set. A major and debated issues within Pakistan has to do with accessing top-quality medical treatment. The need for medical equipment has increased significantly due to the growing population. It’s a necessity however, this People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative also seeks to simplify.

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This program encourages job seekers to apply for PPHI positions to help redefine the traditional health care system. The company has delivered the best treatment for its patients throughout the many years. Participation as a member of the healthcare team can assist patients. Its work PPHI has proven to be highly effective in regards to health.

PPHI Sindh Registration 2023 Online Jobs Portal login

PPHI Sindh Registration 2022 Online Jobs Portal login

PHI Sindh Registration 2023 Job Portal Online

PPHI Sindh Registration 2023 Interested candidates can apply online at PPHI Sindh’s official website at https://www.pphisindh.org or the direct link below. Only eligible candidates possessing relevant qualifications/experience/domicile are welcome to apply. Registration can be made by visiting online PPHI’s Job Portal https://pphisindh.org. People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative PPHI Sindh has announced job openings for 2023 to fill vacant positions in the different departments. The latest PPHI Sindh Jobs Advertisement is available.

PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 Online Apply

You are encouraged to apply for the PPHI Sindh Jobs listed in the PPHI Jobs Advertisement. PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 will help you find a job. Apply online for PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 at Studyping.pk www.pphi.org.sindh/jobs 2023. How do you apply online for jobs in PPHI Sindh * Interested candidates can apply online via the PPHI Job Portal. For the PPHI Jobs, all you need to do is access the Job portal by visiting www.pphisindh.org/jobs.

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is inviting applications for the post of Project Director for its new project in Sindh. The Project Director will be responsible for overall management and implementation of the project. The job description and requirements can be viewed on the PPAF website. The deadline for submission of applications is 5th March 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 Advertisement

Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative PPHI Jobs 2020 released the latest Jobs for Sindh 2023. So, interested candidates can apply online at PPHI Sindh’s official website at https://www.pphisindh.org before the last date. PPHI Jobs 2023 has released 200+ Jobs for Director, Regional Director, District Manager, Deputy Director, and other vacant positions. Do not wait until the last date to apply. PPHI will consider your application.

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PPHI Online Job Portal Sindh 2023

In a matter of minutes, the health facilities could provide regular staff and doctor attendance, along with continuous medical supplies. PPHl Sindh has steadily improved health indicators, particularly infant and maternal mortality. PPHI Sindh is a non-profit organization that focuses on the health of mothers and children. It has also increased delivery coverage in Sindh. It has established a 24-hour maternity home. This article is updated daily on this website.

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This company’s story began in Kashmore in 2007. It grew to include 22 districts in the Province. Their goal is to provide medical services to all residents of their territory. They aim to create a health system that is efficient and provides services at no cost to those in need.

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This company could be your ideal workplace. Your future is in your hands. You need to create a strong resume and submit it. In 2007, District Kashmore was the first to launch the PPHI initiative. It has since expanded to 22 districts of Sindh. It is a nonprofit corporation created under section 42 of the Companies Act 2023.

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPF) was established in 1997 as a multi-donor trust fund to support the Government of Pakistan’s efforts to reduce poverty. The Fund is managed by the World Bank and is one of the largest World Bank-managed funds. The Fund supports a wide range of poverty alleviation programs and projects in Pakistan, including the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPHI) Sindh.

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In order to login to the PPHI Sindh website, you will need to input your CNIC number in the appropriate field. Once you have entered your CNIC number, click on the “Login” button. You will then be taken to your account dashboard where you can view your account information and access the various features of the website.

The PPHI Sindh is a province-specific initiative that was launched in 2011 with the goal of reducing poverty and improving social and economic opportunities for the people of Sindh province.The PPHI Sindh program is implemented by the Government of Sindh through the Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). The PRSP focuses on four key areas: social safety nets, human development, private sector development, and infrastructure development.

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The PPHI Sindh program has three components: social safety nets, human development, and private sector development. The social safety nets component provides cash transfers to poor households to help them meet their basic needs. The human development component invests in education, health, and skill development programs to improve the quality of life for poor households. The private sector development component supports micro and small enterprises through training, technical assistance, and access to finance. The PPHI Sindh program is funded by the Government of Pakistan, the World Bank Group, and other donors.


If you live in one of these areas and are interested in applying, you should apply as soon as possible and get hired before the deadline. PPHI Sindh, a private-public, not-for-profit corporation, was established under the Companies Act of 2017. Let’s now take a look through the application guidelines. This organization’s NPO status is recognized by PCP as a certification of a government body.

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You can first apply online via a web portal. Send your documents and C.V.s to the email address. There are many career paths that you can pursue, including. Aya should apply for the PPHI Sindh Jobs through the PPHI Jobs Advert 20202. PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 can help you find a job. Assistant Community Site Facilitator.

Pphisindh.org Jobs 2023

Only eligible candidates possessing relevant qualifications/experience/domicile are welcome to apply. Eduardo offers PPHI Sindh job opportunities online. Pk. www.pphi.org.sindh/jobs 2023. How can you apply online to PPHI Sindh jobs? * Interested candidates may apply online through the PPHI Job Portal. Recently, the People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative PPHI Sindh announced that new positions are available in the department for 2023.

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You must have graduated from an HEC-recognized university to be eligible for PPHI. A background in medicine is also required. Learn more about PPHI Sindh Jobs 2023 vacancies. You can submit your application online for the most recent ad.

Criteria for Eligibility

Candidates with relevant experience and MBBS / Masters / Master’s / Bachelors in the relevant discipline are eligible to apply.

Check out the history of the company below, and then apply for any open positions that were recently advertised online. Our website allows Pakistani citizens living in Karachi, Sukkur, Karachi, and other parts of Pakistan to apply for the latest jobs. To apply for vacancies advertised by PPHI Sindh, click the button.

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A stipend package will be provided to candidates interested in filling these jobs in the government sector. It starts at Rs. 25000/- to. 335,000/Monthly PKR. It is a beautiful place to study MBBS or graduate. This website is for Pakistani citizens who live in Karachi or Sukkur. If you are from any of these areas and wish to participate in the process, please apply as soon as possible. Click the button to apply for vacancies at PPHI Sindh. Let’s take a look at the application guidelines.

PPHI Sindh Contact Numbers

  • Address: Bungalow No. C-27/1 Near Umer Shareef Park, Clifton Block 2, Karachi
  • Phone: 0800 77755
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: info.pphisindh
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