Punjab Police is going to release the recruitment schedule for the next year in the month of march. The aspirants who are looking for a government job can apply online mode from the website www.punjabpolice.gov.pk. Punjab Police Interview Schedule 2023 Call Letter Download Online pdf. There are many important details that you need to know before applying for the job such as eligibility criteria, the application process, selection process, and other important information. The detailed interview schedule will be released in the month of march and applicants can download it from the website www.punjabpolice.gov.pk or can get it from their local police station.

The interview schedule will be released in two parts- Part 1 will cover general duties and Part 2 will cover specialized duties. After the Punjab Police Result 2023. Applicants who have applied online will receive a call letter inviting them for an interview within a few days of receiving the online application form. The selection process for Punjab Police is based on written examination, medical test, physical test, and interview. The written examination is a general knowledge question paper and it has questions from General Knowledge to current affairs. Physical test includes performance in 100-meter run, 50-meter walk, sit-up test, etc. and interview is mainly about personal qualities like integrity, temperament, communication skills, etc.

Have you ever wished that you could just call a police officer and ask them any question you have? Well, now is your chance. The Punjab Police has released its interview schedule for the year 2023, and it includes a section for applicants who want to ask questions of law enforcement officers. Click the link below to download the schedule and start preparing to ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know about the police force. Who knows, you may even get lucky and be able to speak with a law enforcement officer in person!

Punjab Police Interview Schedule 2023

Punjab Police Interview Schedule 2023 Call Letter Download Online here. The Punjab Police has released a schedule for the upcoming interviews for the posts of constable, ASI, and sub-inspector. The online application process will start from January 2023 onwards. The online application form can be accessed at the following link:

Applicants must fill in their personal details such as age, educational qualification, experience etc., before submitting the application. The applications should be submitted in a PDF format and should not exceed 10 MB in size. Only complete applications will be accepted. Applicants are advised to keep their documents ready such as caste certificate, driving license etc., as these will be required during the interview process.

Punjab Police Call Letter Download

The Punjab Police has released the interview schedule for the upcoming year 2023. The deadline for applying for the police officer posts is March 10, 2020. There are total of 198 posts available in various departments of the Punjab Police. The application process can be downloaded from the website of the Punjab Police. Eligible candidates must carry a certificate of matriculation or an equivalent qualification, and should have passed the General Intelligence Test (GIT). The selection process will comprise an interview, physical examination, and written test.

To download the Punjab Police call letter online, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Punjab Police at http://www.punjabpolice.gov.pk/.
  2. Look for a link to the recruitment section or the call letter download page. This link may be located in the top menu or in the footer of the website.
  3. Click on the link to go to the recruitment page or the call letter download page.
  4. On the recruitment page or call letter download page, you may be required to enter your login credentials, such as your application number, date of birth, and other personal details.
  5. Once you have entered your login credentials, you should be able to access your call letter.
  6. Download the call letter by clicking on the appropriate link or button.
  7. Save the call letter to your computer or device, and print it out if necessary.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Punjab Police Interview Schedule 2023 Call Letter Download

Punjab Police Result 2023 Selected Candidates Name List

They should also provide an attested copy of their residence certificate if they are applying from outside the province. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be notified by mail. A reservation ticket for the interview will also be issued to candidates. They must arrive at the police station at least two hours before their scheduled interview time to avoid delays.

Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Interview Dates

The Punjab Police Force is the law enforcement agency of the state of Punjab. It is one of the largest police forces in Pakistan, with a strength of around 110,000 personnel. The Punjab Police is divided into four regional commands Punjab. The Punjab Police has been facing a number of manpower shortages for years now. The applications are available on the website portal www.punjabpolice.gov.pk from 25 January 2023 onwards and will close on 26 February 2023.

The Punjab Police has announced the 2023 interview schedule for various posts. The schedule includes the dates and time slots for online applications, walk-in applications, and personal interviews. Candidates can download the application form from the Punjab Police website. The forms can be downloaded from the website between January 17 and February 15, 2023. The application fee is Rs. 100. Candidates must attach a photocopy of their ID card, educational certificates, and past service records to their applications.

Latest Updates on Punjab Police

Since the new government came to power in Punjab, there has been a lot of change in the policing system. The new director general of police (DGP), Suresh Arora, has made it a priority to revamp the police force and implement stricter rules and regulations. Recently, the Punjab Police released its interview schedule for the post of sub-inspector.

Candidates who wish to apply for the post must first download and fill out an application form. They must also submit their resume, transcript of all academic qualifications, two passport size photographs, and a certificate of good conduct from their last employer. The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Punjab Police at www.punjabpolice.gov.pk.

Important Dates for Punjab Police Jobs 2023

The important dates for Punjab Police jobs in 2023 are as follows:

  • Punjab Police Written test dates: 30 December 2022
  • written test result date: 8 Jan 2023
  • interview date: 27 Jan 2023

The interview process will begin on January 10 and will last for three days. Candidates who are Selected For The Interview Will Have To Attend A Written Test And A Personality Test On January 12 And 13th respectively.

Those Who Are Selected For The Interview Will Then Have To Go Through An Oral Test On January 15th And 16th In Presence Of The DGP Himself As And When Required.

If You Are Interested In Apply For The Post Of Sub Inspector In The Punjab Police Force Please Download And Fill Out Application Form From Website Given Above Before January 10th 2018

How to Apply for Punjab Police Jobs 2023

Are you looking for a career in the Punjab Police Force? If so, read on for important information on how to apply and prepare for an interview!

To apply for a position with the Punjab Police Force, first locate the job listing online. Once you find the ad, click on it to open the full-page job listing. In the “Apply Online” section of this page, you will need to provide your resume and application form. You can also upload your latest photograph if requested.

After completing these required documents, you will need to print out copies for yourself and send them in with your application. Make sure that all materials are received by the appropriate deadline as not all applications will be accepted. If you are selected for an interview, be prepared to answer questions about your qualifications and experience. Be aware that the Punjab Police is an highly sought-after force, so make sure that your application shows that you have what it takes to be a police officer!


The Punjab Police Interview Schedule 2023 is out and the candidates can start preparing for the challenging written test. The schedule has been released by the department with different categories of questions covering police service regulations, duties, working conditions and other aspects of policing in Punjab. The written examination will be held on July 23rd and 24th. Candidates who qualify will be called for an interview. So, make sure you prepare well and Ace the Written Test!

The Punjab Police is a state police force in the Pakistani state of Punjab. It was formed on 1 April 1948, by the merger of the Patiala State Police and the Lahore State Police. The Punjab Police is one of Pakistan’s oldest state police forces, and has a total strength of about 207,000 personnel as on 1 April 2022. The Punjab Police conducts various law enforcement activities such as patrolling, investigation, traffic management, anti-corruption measures, providing security to VIPs and others. In order for you to get an interview with the Punjab Police, you will need to know some FAQs. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about the Punjab Police Interview process below. Read on to learn more!

Punjab Police Interview FAQs

1. What is the process of applying for an interview with the Punjab Police?

The process of applying for an interview with the Punjab Police generally involves submitting an online application form, which can be accessed through their website. Applicants are then required to provide documentation such as copies of identification cards, academic transcripts, and residency certificates. In addition, applicants must also submit a written test or an application questionnaire. Finally, applicants must undergo a physical examination by a doctor approved by the Punjab Police. All applications are then reviewed and processed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Punjab Police.

What are the basic questions that Punjab Police officers will ask during an interview?

1. What is your name?
2. What is your age?
3. Where are you from?
4. What is your marital status?
5. Are you a citizen of Pakistan?
6. Do you have any criminal records?
7. Do you have any outstanding warrants or arrest warrants?
8. Have you ever been involved in any political or social activism?
9. Are you affiliated with any terrorist organizations?
10. Have you ever suffered from mental illness or psychiatric disorders?

What if I don’t want to answer any questions?

If you do not want to answer any questions, you have the right to remain silent. You may choose to speak with a lawyer before answering any questions. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you if requested by the police.

Will I need a lawyer?

When will I be interviewed by the Punjab Police?

Most people will be interviewed within 24 hours of being detained. However, there are some cases where an individual may be kept in custody for a longer time before being interviewed. Generally speaking, people are usually questioned one at a time and only if they have relevant information. If you cannot speak English, a translator will be present to help with the interview.

Can I refuse to answer any questions?

You cannot refuse to answer any questions, but you can ask that certain questions be translated into your native language. You also have the right to have a lawyer present during your interview.

Can I have a translator present during my interview?

Applicants for the Punjab Police Service must undergo an entrance examination. After passing the examination, candidates must take a written test. Applicants who pass both the entrance examination and written test are then interviewed by the Punjab Police Service Board. Applicants who pass all three stages of selection are then required to submit a translator’s certificate of appointment if they do not speak or understand official English and wish to have a translator present during their interview.

What if I don’t understand the language spoken during my interview?

If you don’t understand the language spoken during your interview, don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to make the process easier for both you and the officer. First, be polite and try to ask as many questions as you can in the language they are speaking. This will help show that you are interested in the job and want to learn more about it. Second, know some basic phrases such as hello, thank you, and goodbye. If you can’t speak the language but know some words, using these phrases will help break the ice and build trust with the officer. Finally, never hesitate to ask for clarification if something isn’t clear. By doing this, you will show that you are committed to understanding the position and want to do your best during the interview.

Will I be allowed to leave the room during my interview?

If you are being interviewed by the Punjab Police, you will be allowed to leave the room occasionally. However, if you do leave the room, please make sure that you return as soon as possible so that your interview can continue. If you cannot return right away, please explain why to the interviewer and try to schedule a later time for your return.

What if I change my mind about

If you change your mind about participating in an interview with the Punjab Police, here are some FAQs to help you along:

What are my rights if I change my mind?

You have the right to refuse to answer any questions or terminate the interview at any time. You can also request that a lawyer be present during questioning. If you agree to answer police questions after originally refusing, remember that anything you say may be used in a criminal prosecution against you.

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