Rai Medical College closed admission in November 2023. A number of students applied for the MBBS program. All students now seek the Rai Medical College MBBS merit lists 2023, which will be announced in December 2023. They will only announce one merit list. If your name is on that merit list, you will be admitted. PMC has a maximum of 100 000 admissions each year and cannot admit more than 100 students. The merit list is announced by them. This is a private institution that provides a calm environment for students to learn about MBBS. Also, take a look at the Rai Medical College MBBS Merit List 1st-2nd, and 3rd.

Rai Medical College Merit List 2023 PDF Version of the 2023 Rai Medical College Sargodha RMCS List for MBBS and BDS. The MBBS Session 2023 Provisional merit list is available. The Sargodha District’s First Private Medical College has Always Provided Top-Notch Medical Education. The final merit list will now be available online. Studyping.pk will promptly provide the most recent RMCS 1st-2nd, 3rd and final. Follow this link for the latest developments.

Rai Medical College MBBS 1st merit List 2023

The first merit list for 100 students will be released on the date mentioned above. Other students may also apply to another institution. The final deadline for fee submission will be announced once they have announced the admission. Students who meet the criteria for the merit list must submit their fee by the deadline. If they do not, management will give your place to other candidates on the waiting list.

Rai Medical College Sargodha Merit lists 2023

The initial merit list of 100 students participating in this session will be released on the previously mentioned date. Additional students may also be eligible to apply for admission to another institution. The exact payment deadline for admission will be announced once it is done.

Rai Medical College 1st merit List 2023

You will be remunerated if your name appears on the merit list. If it does not, you will be removed from the race. This page will contain information about the Rai Medical College Sargodha merit list. On the above date, the first merit list of 100 students will be made. These paragraphs will provide more details.

RMC 1st Merit List Check Online
RMC 2nd Merit List Check Online
RMC 3rd Merit List Check Online

Rai Medical College Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd MBBS BDS

Rai Medical College Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd MBBS BDS

You are searching for the Rai Medical College Sargodha merit listing 2023? Rai Medical College Sargodha ranks among the top-respected medical colleges in Pakistan. It has been providing medical education for MBBS and BDS students since 1892. Every year, it opens its doors to new students. Because of the high competition among students, it is difficult to get into this prestigious medical college. Students who wish to be admitted to this college must pass an entry test.

Rai Medical College Mbbs Merit Liste 2023

The merit list has been announced. The college requires that all students take an entrance test in order to be admitted. The college will announce the admission and notify the fee submitters of the final date. This college held interviews with select students on 29 and 28 Nov 2023. After that, they will announce their admission.

Rai Medical College Mbbs First Merit List 2023

Students can learn about MBBS in a peaceful environment at this private college. All students who applied to college admission in 2023 can access the merit lists of selected students. Students must submit fees by the deadline if they meet the requirements for the merit list. Management will offer your place to applicants on the waiting list if you do not submit your fees by the due date. After that, the college will release merit lists for selected students.

Private medical colleges in Sargodha 2023

Students must pay the fee in full if they meet the criteria to be on the merit list. Management will offer your place to someone on the waiting list if you don’t pay. The college will then release merit lists for selected students. Students can apply to multiple medical schools. Students may apply for admission to multiple medical colleges.

Rai Medical College Sargodha Admission 2023 Fee Structure

The F.Sc. must be passed by candidates for admission to the MBBS program with any of the study groups that the IBCC may offer. (Pre-Medical/HSSC or equivalent examination from another country must be passed. The applicant must have passed the F.Sc. To have their credentials recognized, the student must obtain equivalency certificates from IBCC Islamabad. The PMC/UHS admission criteria require that a student has passed the Entrance Test (MDCAT), and have received passing marks (55%) in MDCAT.

Rai Medical College Sargodha Contact Number

  • Phone: 048-3761200-01
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.rmcsargodha.edu.pk
  • Address: Near 33 Phatak Stop, Islamabad Road, Sargodha.

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