On this page, you’ll find the complete list of Railway Timings and the Pakistan railway timetable 2021 at every station of the railway system in Pakistan. The full up and down train timings are listed on this web page. The most well-known trains include the Allama Iqbal Express train, Awami Express train, Night Coach Express train, Green Line Express train, Ghouri Express train, Islamabad express train, Karachi express train, and Karakoram express train railway Timings along with Shalimar Express train. All Pakistani Express passenger train timings for all stops of the train are based on the most recent timetables that are published by the Pakistan railway. Pakistan rail complete timetable schedule, stop information, and stoppage details.

Railway Timings Pakistan railway timetable 2023

Railway Timings Pakistan railway timetable 2022

Pakistan Railway Timetable 2023

The article you’ll find information about this article. Pakistan Railway Timetable 2023 at all railway stations across Pakistan. Up and down train timetables are included within this post. The most well-known trains are the Night Coach Express train, Awami Express train, Green Line Express train, Islamabad express train, Ghouri Express train, Karachi express train, Karakoram express train, Railway Timings, and Allama Iqbal Express train, along with Shalimar express train. In addition, departures and arrivals from these trains can be listed below.

 Hyderabad to Karachi Train Timing and Fare

Pakistan train runs all day long from Hyderabad through Karachi. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the 12th largest worldwide. We have listed only economy Class rates. To find other classes, go to Pakistan Railways’ official website.

  Khyber Mail 2DN

Khyber Mail 2DN arrives at Hyderabad at 02:35 and in Karachi at 5:15. The trip takes approximately two hours and forty minutes. The cost of tickets will be 400 dollars for an Economy, and the price is 450 for an Economy Class berth.

Check Railway Timings Pakistan railway

 Sukkur Express 146DN

Sukkur Express 146DN arrives at Hyderabad at 03:40 and comes to Karachi around 06:35. The trip takes approximately 2 hours and 55 mins. The cost of tickets includes 400 USD for Economy Class, and the price is 450 for Economy Class berth.

 Railway Timing Pakistan railway Schedule

A well-known Pakistani railroad train schedule table shows trains operating and reaching every central railway station in Pakistani cities—complete information about Pakistani trains’ timings and their full report. Green Line, Pak Business Express, Mehran Express, Karakoram , Shah Hussain Express Nigh Coach, Shalimar Express  Tezgam, and Karachi Express are famous luxury and speedy trains from Pakistan.

 Islamabad Express Train

Islamabad express train operates as a train for passengers and runs through Lahore and Islamabad. It takes 45 minutes to cover around 290 kilometers from Lahore to Islamabad.

 Awami Express train

Awami Express train is owned by Pakistan Railways. It is also a passenger train. Many passengers use it every day. It runs from Karachi and Peshawar every day under the Pakistan railroads’ timetable for 2023.

 Awami Express Train Timings

Pakistan Railways is the owner of the Awami Express train. This train is a passenger one too. It transports a lot of people every day. The train was operational all day long from Karachi as well as Peshawar.

Stop Arrival Departure
Peshawar Cant *** 08:30
Peshawar City 08:37 08:42
Pabbi 09:00 09:02
Nowshera Jn 09:20 09:24
Jhangira Road 09:41 09:43
Attock City Jn 10:20 10:25
Hasan Abdal 11:00 11:02
Taxila Jn 11:26 11:28
Rawalpindi 12:10 12:35
Gujar Khan 13:24 13:26
Jhelum 14:30 14:32
Lala Musa Jn 15:12 15:14
Gujrat 15:31 15:33
Wazirabad Jn 15:54 16:00
Gujranwala 16:28 16:33

 Green Line Express train

The express train ran every day from Karachi between Karachi and Islamabad. The journey takes about 21 hours and covers a distance of 1,521 kilometers from Islamabad between Islamabad and Karachi. The train began its journey on May 15th, 2015.

Islamabad Express Train

Islamabad express train operates as a train for passengers, and the train was operated between Lahore and Islamabad. It takes four fifteen minutes and 45 hours for over 290 km from Lahore and Islamabad.

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