Ramadan Rashan package Result 2023 Status Check Selected Pilps By CNIC here. With the Ehsaas Ramzan Program, you can save money on Rashan and other staples for your home during the holy month of Ramadan. You have arrived at the ideal location if you were looking for Chase Plus Ramadan Rashan Packages for the year 2023. For Ramzan Rashan Riayat 2023, use your CNIC to confirm your account information. You can count on us to update you with the most recent Karachi Ramadan specials.

In Karachi, there is a Chase Plus supermarket. We can all agree that the Ramadan of 2023 will be a wonderful time to bask in Allah’s favour. The goal of the Ehsaas Program in 2020 is to provide financial aid to those who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 epidemic, especially for daytime workers and the unemployed. Because of this, the government of Pakistan is offering price reductions on all food items offered in convenience stores.

This page provides a comprehensive analysis of the 817 Ehsaas Rashan 25000 Ramadan Package 2023, including its background, its implementation, and its effects on the lives of the world’s poor.

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Members of the general public are eligible for the price reduction. In order to take advantage of this promotion, the shop owner in 2023 Ramadan must get in touch with the appropriate government agencies. There is no charge for the price reduction. Millions of people are currently without work as a result of economic downturns and shutdowns, and many more are struggling to make ends meet. Eligibility screening is the first of two parts of the Ehsaas Ramzan Rashan Program webpage 8070 Atta Apply Online 

In the year 2023, the 8171 Ehsas Rashan will be offering a Ramadan package for $25,000. The second part is for grocery and convenience store owners to determine if they are eligible for government subsidies on basic household items. In order to meet this need, we have created the Ehsaas Rashan 25000 Ramadan Program to help struggling families. Click Here

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Depending on your circumstances, you will be sent to a specific field in which to input your CNIC card number. The program’s ambitious goal is to help millions of people out of poverty through a combination of social protection, human capital development, and economic empowerment. Click here for Apply

Season of Ramadan Kareem Rashan Result 2023

These principles form the foundation of the Ehsaas Program. The Ehsaas Rashan 25.000 Ramadan Package was implemented using the same guiding principles. To see if you qualify for a subsidy at some grocery retailers this Ramadan, enter your CNIC numbers below.

Ramadan Rashan Package Check Status Online 2023 Result

Simply sign up through the linked website, and the government will begin providing discounted Rashan to those who qualify. The distribution method was continuously improved thanks to this feedback mechanism, which allowed for rapid response to any concerns or issues that arose. In Ramadan 2023, after you have the Rashan, you can put it up for sale to the general public for a price.

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Utility Store Ramadan Rashan Package 2023: Ehsaas Subsidy Inquiry

As of today, March 20th, you can enquire about the Ehsaas subsidy for the Ramadan Rashan package 2023 at any of Pakistan’s Utility Stores. This page features the full Rate List for the Utility Stores Ramzan Package 2023, including the prices for Atta, Chini, and other major products like Ghee. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced an improved version of the Ramadan Relief Package for the general public for the year 2023.

Oil, sugar, flour, rice, various pulses, dates, etc., have all had their prices lowered by the Federal Government of Pakistan in honour of Ramadan. Every year, the cost of living in Pakistan rises, making this bundle more helpful. Still, the federal government of Pakistan’s gesture will come as welcome comfort. As of this writing, the Utilities Stores Corporation has not released the Ramzan Package 2023 Pricing List. Yet, the company’s 7000 locations across the country have been successfully meeting the country’s needs.

Ehsaas Subsidy Rates 2023 Price Survey

The Utilities Shops Ramzan Package 2023 tariff list has been made public by the government of Pakistan. Checking out the rate list with pricing on this website before deciding whether to buy from utility stores during Ramzan is a good idea, as there is an additional 10% discount on all items as part of this year’s Ramzan package.

We pray that this year’s special Ramadan package, in addition to the year-round subsidies for necessities, would be a blessing to the people of Pakistan during the holy month of Ramadan. The citizens of Pakistan now have access to the Utility Shops Ramzan Package 2023 Pricing List.

Utilities Store Customer Service Number

Without any kind of oversight from the Pakistani government, Utility Shops are free to create their own set of regulations. So, they help out those they know or members of their own family.

Some people in need give up hope when they refuse to buy ghee and sugar until they also buy other accessories. You can call the toll-free number for the utilities store and submit a complaint form at any time if you’re having trouble:

  • Freephone 0800-54909
  • Cell 051-111-123-570 for Complaint Registration

Blessings of Ramadan 2023-Ration Hampers

Raise your spiritual stature by leading others in receiving Ramadan’s benefits. You can help others and satisfy your religious duties all at once by giving the gift of a Ramadan ration hamper or package. When you shop for groceries through Metro Online, you may create custom bundles based on your preferences and needs, saving you time and money.

Ramadan Rashan package Result 2023 Status By CNIC

Ramadan Rashan package Result 2023 Status Check Selected Pilps By CNIC

Steps on How to Get Hampers Online

  • A few simple steps will get you one of these Hampers.
  • Simply visit www.metro-online.pk or get the free app.
  • Decide on a Giant Hamper, an Economy Hamper, or a Budget Hamper.
  • Choose the number of hampers
  • You can choose to pick it up yourself, have it delivered to a friend or family member, or have it sent to a charity of your choosing.
  • Checkout is complete after you choose your payment method.
  • Donating Ration Hampers to those in need will allow you to be the reason for someone’s comfort and smile during this trying time. Blessed Ramadan to you!


Being the fourth pillar of Islam, fasting is a major practise throughout the holy month of Ramadan. With the approach of Ramadan, we at Jannat Ul Firdous get ourselves and everyone else ready to make the daily fast. Distribution of help is one of our numerous initiatives. To help the widows and destitute families of Pakistan during the holy month of Ramadan, Jannat-ul-Firdous distributes food packages, Eid presents, and financial aid.

How to Check Ramadan Atta Status

By dialling 8070 and sending in your CNIC number, you may find out where you stand. To send an Atta message to number 8070, for instance, compose a new text, input your CNIC, then hit the space bar (3740796153974 ATTA).

Ehsas Ramadan Rashan Package Apply Online

It is the Islamic month of Ramadan, a time of charity and altruism, and the government of Pakistan is responding by providing aid to the poor. During the holy month of Ramadan, many charitable organisations distribute food packages to low-income households. One such programme is called Ehsas Ramadan Rashan Package. To combat poverty and enhance citizens’ quality of life, Pakistan’s government introduced the Ehsas initiative in 2019.

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