SECCAP Sindh claim policy has been detailed here. Students with any issue can submit a claim in accordance with the procedure. It is possible to submit a claim to correct or remove of technical errors only. In the past, many students attempted to use this facility in a way that was not intended, which is why SECCAP has made its terms and conditions of its policy extremely strict. Review the policy’s terms and conditions carefully before submitting your claim according to the instructions.

You can download the Claim Application Form to be considered for college admission here.SECCAP Sindh’s policy on claims is explained on this website. Students with concerns can submit their complaints as per the guidelines. A notice was issued concerning the deadline to submit the SECCAP claim forms . The forms are then examined for admission in 2023. Karachi college. You can apply for removal or correction of technical errors , but only.

In the past, a number of students tried to make use of the facility in a manner that wasn’t intended that is why it is that SECCAP has established the guidelines of its policy strict. The SECCAP officials Sindh E-Centralized College Admission Program (SECCP) have advised students from Karachi should submit their applications before the end of the month. Examine the terms and conditions thoroughly and submit your claim following the directions. There is a deadline of August 2023 to finish your application.

Claim Form Online for College 2023

You can download for the College Admission Form download from this. It is expected that SECCAP Claim forms will be accessible on the website by 11:00 pm at 5 pm. The deadline for submitting the SECCAP claim form in order in order to be considered for admission to college in 2023 to a university in Karachi will be announced.


Students were required to change from Matriculation into a college, the issue was made more difficult. As per Sindh E Centralized College Admission Program (SECCP) administrators and students from Karachi who wish to transfer to colleges that are public in Karachi must submit their applications before the the deadline.

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Seccap claim Form online 2023

The problem was exacerbated when students were required to transfer from Matriculation to a college. Rural residents had to pay higher fees to colleges further from them and set up campuses in urban areas. It was a long and costly process. In some cases, students couldn’t complete the application deadlines in time, and were not able to get being accepted. Although the problem was more common in urban areas but it wasn’t too difficult. Moving from school to other was the primary aspect. It was a challenge for female students.

Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure

  1. Students cannot change their faculty by filling out a claim forms, so choose your faculty with care when filling out the application form.
  2. Your admission to such a college is not possible if your merit is greater that of your grades.The form is not available for this purpose.
  3.  students cannot alter their list of preferred colleges or secondary schools at the moment.
  4. No farm will be granted on the grounds of a change in residence address.
  5. Five applications will be accepted at specific claim centres. No application will be accepted at the headquarters of SECCAP.
  6. Forms will be accessible only at the designated centers.
  7. Photocopies will not be accepted in any way. Only the original form can be used.
  8. Attach a photocopy of the computerized form as well as its acknowledgment with the form.
  9. List of centers are listed below.

SECCAP Claim Form 2023 Download College Admission Apply

SECCAP Claim Form 2022 Download College Admission Apply claim application form to apply for college admission

Please visit or for the SECCAP CAP form 2023-23 admissions for college in Karachi. Online applications are accepted to SECCAP College in Karachi are open for Pre-Medical, Pre Engineering Computer Science Humanities, Home Economics and Commerce. Students who plan to apply to the Karachi public college can apply to be admitted using SECCAP until the that the application deadline was announced.

SECCAP Claim Form Requires Documents:

  • SSC Certificate of Admission
  • Specific Marks/Provisional Certificat of the test that you need are required to
  • A Certificate of Character is issued by the educational institution where the student was last in. When the applicant has successfully completed the
  • Final exam in an individual capacity, this certificate needs to be endorsed by an officer who is gazetted.
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Card.
  • Self/father CNIC/B-Form
  • The number of photos required in color is determined by the college’s policy.

Claim Form Online for College 2023

Welcome to SECCAP. Sindh Electronic Centralized College Admission Program 2023-24. How to Apply Online? Follow the steps to fill out seccap dgcs gos claims form. The complete procedure for filing the claim with SECCAP as well as and in Urdu as well as English languages. Click here for the list of centers and directions. Seccap Claim form 2023 for download college admission is available here.

SECCAP Online claim form 2023

To handle student complaints, SECCAP needs to create an online platform. It is the Education and Literacy Department of the Government of Sindh and SECCAP both have websites, however neither of them has a telephone number for enquiries.

Claim Form for College Admission

Due to the volume in student complaint, using a manual complaint system is not sufficient. Although the SECCAP website has the email addresses, no student has reported receiving a reply to an email sent to this address. We recommend that at the most the establishment of a help desk for students to get answers quickly.

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