Federal Public Services Commission FPSC announced CSS Syllabus for 2023 to all students who wish to take the CCS competitive exam. FPSC has created the Central Superior Services CSS competitive exam to help civil officers be recruited on a merit-based basis. FPSC, a well-known federal agency, helps to select civil servants based on merit. Every year, students from across the country take this exam to be eligible for higher positions as civil officers. The exam is both compulsory and optional, and must be passed. CSS is one the most difficult exams in Pakistan. While many students take it, only a small number are able pass.

There are six subjects that must be passed in this exam. However, there are also some subjects you can select based on your education. The CSS final paper pattern has been updated this year. I have provided details below. Anyone who wants to take this exam is welcome to download the CSS Syllabus 2023 PDF FPCSC Online. Scroll down to find out more about the CSS syllabus covering all subjects in the current year 2023.

Twelve (12) papers make up the written exam. Six (6) papers are mandatory and six (6) optional. For the compulsory papers, the qualifying marks are 40% while for the optional papers they are 30%. You must pass the three General Knowledge papers (GK-1 through GK-2 and GK-3) by accumulating 120 marks from 300. There are 20 objective-type question (MCQs), in each paper, except for the essay and applied mathematics papers.


5 considerations to keep in mind when choosing an optional subject.

  • Your academic background.
  • Interest and aptitude for the subject. • Higher interest = Ability to understand concepts/ theories
  • Other optional(s) may be combined. — For example, Pakistan Affairs, Constitutional Law, and Political Science.
  • It takes time to complete the course outline. It may take less time, but it will still keep you interested for a long time.
  • There are many resources available on the internet and in the marketplace. It’s obvious that if resources aren’t easily available, it will cause pain.

Before finalizing an optional subject, students must review the course outline and past papers. Friends, teachers, and mentors are all good sources of information. However, you must make the final decision. When choosing your optional(s), learn from others but don’t blindly follow them. Find your area of interest, and then choose the right option.

CSS 2022 Syllabus PDF Download
Public Administration CSS Syllabus Download

CSS Examination Syllabus 2023

To view the syllabus for the CSS Exam 2023, applicants can click the link below. You can find the most recent information about the CSS syllabus 2023 on this page. This page also contains information regarding the Syllabus PDF2023 as well as the CSS exam Subjects. Each year, the Combined Competative Examination is held by the Federal Public Service Commission in Islamabad. As potential candidates for BS-17 government positions, students eagerly await the CSS Examination.

Syllabus of CSS Exams 2023 Check and Download PDF

Syllabus of CSS Exams 2023 Check and Download PDF

Exam 2023: Compulsory Subjects

These are the subjects that must be completed for the CSS Competitive Exam 2023. CSS applicants will be required to complete six papers (each with 100 marks), which total 600 marks.

Don’t rush to make the optional change if you don’t do well the first time. Many students do this. Instead, analyze your weaknesses and learn from them in order to improve your score on the next attempt.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2023

Candidates looking for information about the FPSC Syllabus PDF will find all the details from ilmkidunya. We provide the most up-to-date information about FPSC Syllabus 2023 here. The Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan has announced twelve groups for candidates who are interested in the CSS exam. This page contains all mandatory and optional subjects. You can find the CSS Exams syllabus in PDF format.

MPT CSS Syllabus pdf

It is difficult for aspirants to keep the syllabus in their minds and select subjects. The FPSC CSS syllabus 2022 gives aspirants all the information they need to make subject selections in a very short time.

Pakistan CSS Syllabus

Many websites have tons of CSS tricks and preparation, but they are often irrelevant and inefficient. We have provided the most recent CSS syllabus, which is recognized by FPSC as well as past papers.

CSS Revised Syllabus

This exam is conducted by the individual who has set their own schedule. The CSS interview and written stages can be passed to gain the position of gazette. CSS total marks are between 1200 and 600. One hundred marks comprise the compulsory portions, 60000 are elective.

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