Here is the link to access here the UHS MDCAT 2023 exam with keys. The MDCAT test has been an integral part of the admission process to dental and medical colleges for more than 20 years. MDCAT score is required to be obtained for entry into dental and medical colleges in Pakistan. The MDCAT is also recognized as evidence of academic proficiency and skills by numerous other health professions as well as undergraduate courses.

The Medical Admission Test (MDCAT) is a requirement for admission to medical schools of Pakistan. This paper contains the MDCAT Physics Paper along with chemical papers. MDCAT English document. Multiple choice questions from the Mdcat admission test.


It is the Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Test ( MDCAT) is a three and a half hour (210 minutes) exam that is based on paper and pen that is required in students in all MBBS and BDS programs offered by public and private schools. In the name of PMC as well as the Government of Punjab, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) will administer and grade the test, preparing exams and hosting centers across the province of Punjab.

Download UHS MDCAT 2023 PDF

You can now download the UHS MDCAT exam here. It is essential to review the previous papers. They provide you with an idea of the pattern of paper and marking scheme. This is why we’ve put this information on the internet. If you’ve been with us for a long time, you’ll know that we place a lot of emphasis on previous papers quite a bit. This is because every paper is a valuable source of information that allows you to see different views of UHS. So, you must download it and be prepared for it.

MDCAT Past Papers PDF Download

Here’s here the MDCAT past paper 2023 pdf download. In addition, you can save the document. It is better to download this PDF file. This will be helpful to prepare for the future, as you begin preparation for the MDCAT. This is the MDCAT preparation file that contains all that have been submitted to the MDCAT in the past, including the

MDCAT Physics Past Papers Download PDF
MDCAT Chemistry Past Papers Download PDF
MDCAT English Past Papers Download PDF
MDCAT Biology Past Papers Download PDF

A brief review of this paper MDCAT 2023

There were lots of problems this time around on the exam. Students were unhappy with the questions that were not part from the curriculum. This was among the main concerns. In Sindh there were thirty questions like this. The students of Punjab were unhappy with the difficulty of the questions. Another issue was that the exam key that was uploaded on ETEA was incorrect. The issues raised by students led them to protest against PMC. The majority of students wanted the test to be changed.

UHS MDCAT Paper 2023 Download PDF Online

UHS MDCAT Paper 2022 Download PDF Online

Pattern of UHS MDCAT 2023 Paper

PMC syllabus contains 200 questions of multiple-choice (MCQs) broken down into five sections, which are:

  1. Biology (68 MCQs)
  2.  Chemistry (54 MCQs)
  3. Physics (54 MCQs)
  4. English (18 MCQs)
  5. Logical Reasoning (06 MCQs)

UHS MDCAT Questions Paper MCQs 2023

We will provide today’s UHS MDCAT MCQs Paper that was conducted on the 13th of November. MDCAT is administered by provincial universities. Also, for Punjab student, UHS Lahore has conducted the MDCAT 2023 examination. The UHS Lahore MDCAT test is part of the Punjab textbook board and adheres to an PMC syllabus. approximately 2 lakh students take part in the MDCAT examination across the country . Out of these, 80 million students are scheduled to take part in the UHS Pujab MDCAT 2023.

MDCAT Biology Past Papers

This is the most important port of MDCAT Paper. Out of 200 multiple choices the 80 MCQs are based on biology. Biology mdcat past papers will assist you in create a thorough. the best method for preparing this section, practice the mdcat unite papers.

It is the Medical and Dental College Admission Test is administered to over 100,000 Pakistani students every calendar year (MDCAT). A third of the students who take the test usually get it. The majority of 194,133 Pakistani students who took the MDCAT test last year were successful according to the PMC report published on October 10, (with an overall percentage that was 35.4). The report shows that only a small percent of applicants are approved for medical school across the nation.

MDCAT Chemistry Past Papers

This is the 2nd main section of MDCAT Paper. 50 of the 200 questions comprise chemistry. These questions further split into organic chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry. You can check out the syllabus of MDCAT for all the to[ic] specific information.

Before you start your preparation you should be aware of the scope of the test. Examine the course to figure out the most effective method of preparation and learn subjects. Review the MDCAT syllabus to determine what areas need the most improvement. If you’re well-versed in the MDCAT exam’s requirements and are able to comprehend the test, you are already on the right path to an effective exam.

MDCAT Physics Past Papers

This is the third principal portion of the exam. This section contains 50 questions. Each Question Carry Equal Marks. If you can answer each of the 50 questions correctly, you’ll earn 50 marks out of 200.

MDCAT English Past Papers

For ease, I break up the past paper of mdcat by subject. This will allow you to test yourself and prepare for the exam. MDCAT English take a look at the difficult section. It is however, only 20 questions. The English spoken language is difficult for the majority of applicants.

UHS MDCAT Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best date in MDCAT 2023?

If you’re given the option to choose, pick a time that works for your needs. We cannot never know if the questions at a particular time will be more straightforward.

What’s the design in MDCAT 2023?

There are around 200 questions to be answered in the essay. It’s an MCQ-based exam So, be prepared accordingly.

Who will run MDCAT in 2023?

PMC will be the one to conduct the task. Some sources say that UHS will be taking over the job back.

What is an acceptable score for MDCAT?

It’s impossible to make it any more. The more the more.