Utility Store Ramadan Rashan Package 2023 Check Price List check online here. Today, March 20th, you can inquire about the Ehsaas subsidy for the Ramadan Rashan package 2023 at any of Pakistan’s Utility Stores. Including the prices of Atta, Chini, and other major products like Ghee, the whole Rate List for the Utility Shops Ramzan Package 2023 is presented below.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced a new, improved Ramadan Relief Package 2023 for the country’s citizens. Oil, sugar, wheat, rice, various pulses, dates, etc., are only few of the staple foods whose prices have been lowered by the federal government of Pakistan in honor of Ramadan.

While the cost of living in Pakistan rises annually, this bundle comes as a great relief to the people there. The offer, however, is going to be a relief for the people, and it comes from the Federal Government of Pakistan. The Utility Stores Corporation has not released the Ramzan Package 2023 Pricing List as of this writing. Yet, the company’s 7,000 locations around the country have been successfully serving the public.

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Ramadan Package Utility Stores 2022

Pakistan has released the Ramadan Relief Program 2023 Pricing List of Utility Shops for public comment. Before shopping at supply stores during Ramadan, verify this year’s Ramadan bundle’s 10% discount on all items. We believe this year’s Ramadan Package will help Pakistanis during the holy month. Utilities Store Ramadan Package 2023 Price List for Pakistanis.

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utility store 5566

Ramadan Package Utility Shops 2023: Mill basin would cost Rs 140 per kg during Ramadan, down Rs 20. Utility dal costs Rs 265–255 per kilogram. Rs.18 off 200 grams of red pepper. Utility stores have decreased branded cooking oil and beverage prices by Rs 9, effective immediately. Price notice.

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200 grams of red chiles would cost Rs 157 instead of Rs 175. 50 grams of masala powder costs Rs.64–58, 100 grams of turmeric costs Rs.35–31, and coriander powder costs Rs.90–81. Black pepper costs 51 rupees now. White powder costs Rs. 95 rupees buys 95 grams of tea. After 4:00 Rs.

Utility Stores Ramadan Relief Package 2023

Federal Government and Utilities Stores Company Ramadan Relief Package 2023 With Price List The federal government has announced the Ramadan Relief Package 2023 in all Pakistani utility retailers. 5 billion rupees were subsidized. Warehouses Ramadan relief package 2023 begins on 20-3-2023.

Utilities Shops Ramadan assistance package 2023 lasts until Chand Raat. 19 everyday products have been subsidized. These 19+ goods will receive 4–50 rupee subsidies. Utilities stores purchased 40000 metric tons of grain and ghee packages for subsidized distribution. Punjab will also host Ramadan bazars in several places.

Item Utility Store Price Utility Store Price for BISP
Atta Rs 648 (10KG) Rs 400 (10KG)
Ghee Rs 375 Per KG Rs 300 Per KG
Sugar(Chini) Rs 89 Per KG Rs 70 Per KG

Cities will also host Ramadan bazars and Madni dastarkhawan. Prices are below. Utility outlets don’t match demand and supply, despite the government’s commendable attempt. They don’t get sugar and wheat. Retailers receive many bulk items for commission. Now government should deploy raid teams to oversee Utility stores Ramadan Relief package 2023 implementation.

Utility Stores Ramadan Relief Package 2023 Price List

As inexpensive, low-quality goods are everywhere, utility store goods should be enhanced. Our website has the 2023 Pakistan Ramadan Calendar with Sehr and Iftar Times. The Urdu newspaper ad below provides more information. Stay tuned for federal and provincial aid initiatives. This holy month, pray for us and our country. Teammate Ramazan Mubarik. Newspaper ads detail 2023.

Utility Store Ramadan Rashan Package 2023 Check Price List

Prices of Ehsaas Subsidy Inquiry 2023

Utilities Shops Ramzan Package 2023 pricing information has been made available by the government of Pakistan. Checking out the rate list with pricing on this website before deciding whether to buy from utility stores during Ramzan is a good idea, as there is an additional 10% discount on all items as part of this year’s Ramzan package. Click here

With the expectation that this year’s special Ramadan package may bring some relief to the people of Pakistan during the holy month of Ramadan, the government of Pakistan annually gives subsidies to its residents for products of everyday use. People in Pakistan can now see the Ramzan Package 2023 Pricing List from Utility Shops.

Utility Store Ramadan Package 2023

Utilities Store Ramadan Package 2023: Ehsaas Rashan Subsidy Enquiry began on March 21. Utilities Store Ramadan Package 2023 costs for Atta, Chini, and other subsidised items like Ghee are listed in this article. The Pakistani Prime Minister revealed a stronger Ramadan Relief Package 2023 for the masses this year. During Ramadan, Pakistan’s federal government raised prices on staples like oil, sugar, flour, rice, lentils, dates, and more.

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Pakistanis benefit from this Ramzan Package because everyday necessities are rising every year. Pakistan’s federal government’s offer will relieve the people. Utilities Stores Corporation has not released its 2023 Ramadan Package prices. Its 7,000 stores service the nation.

Utility Stores Corporation (ULC) Ramadan Relief Package 2023

Under the Ramadan assistance package, utility stores would sell white gram for Rs 213, basin at Rs 170 instead of Rs 190-220, and one kg of dal. At all outlets, chana would cost Rs 162, Dal Mong Rs 170, Dal Mash Rs 268, Dal Masoor Rs 215 and high-quality dates Rs 140 per kg. The ECC approved a Rs 2.5 billion Ramadan relief program. The ECC meeting chaired by Sher Haq Abdul Hafiz Sheikh authorized a Rs 2.5 billion Ramadan Relief Plan to subsidize 19 goods at utility retailers.

ULC Ramadan Relief Package 2023

Islamabad: About 4,000 utility outlets nationwide would receive Ramadan relief on 19 essential requirements this year. By showing their National Identification Card at utility store locations nationwide, customers can receive a Rs 3000 subsidy.

The notification states that a 20-kilogram bag of wheat flour will cost 20 rupees in the open market. 1100 to 1350, with a 20 kilogram bag of flour for Rs.20. Sugar would retail for Rs 86–Rs 93. Subsidized ghee costs Rs 260 per kg at utility stores, but edible ghee costs Rs 470. Stores would charge Rs 407 per liter of oil during Ramadan instead of Rs 494.

The Ramadan package includes 19 retail-subsidized items and 2.5 billion from the federal government. www.usc.org.pk lists all rates. Dates, rice, gram flour, tea, and legumes are available in appealing Ramadan packaging, while utility stores unveiled new rates on Friday.

Utility Store Ramadan Rashan Package 2023 | Ehsaas Subsidy Inquiry Online

Utility Store Ramadan Rashan Package 2023 Check Price List


If the government of Pakistan does not act as a check and balance, then Utility Shops will create their own set of norms. To that end, they like to help out people they know or members of their own family.

They discourage the poor from returning because of their strict rules about not giving out ghee and sugar unless other accessories are also bought. If you have any issues, feel free to call the toll-free number provided by the utility store and submit a complaint through their online form.

Toll-free Number 0800-05590
Complaint Registration cell 051-111-123-570


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