Are you planning to gain acceptance to Women University Multan WUM for the academic year 2023-23? If yes, then you’re at the right spot. On this page you can find complete details about Women University Multan Fall Admission 2023-2023. This page will provide you with the WUM Admissions Notice 2023-23, Admission Procedure and Courses of Study, and relevant details. The applicant who would like to submit an Application Admission Form to apply for WUM Admissions is able to submit their Admission Form up to the 12th of August, 2023. Before submitting the admission form, let’s discuss Women University Multan.

Women University Multan online admissions 2023 for Associate Degree programs and undergraduate (BS4 Years 4 Years – 4 Years) as well as BS 5th semester courses are made public. After the inter-exam, females are finding that universities provide the same education for girls as boys. This is why the Women University Multan Admission 2023 Application Forms are now open. Students who have completed the application form are requested to revise their marks from intermediate exams in order for their merit to be evaluated. Females can enroll at the institution easily since it provides training for a variety of years. It also provides a wide selection of classes simultaneously for students with faculty members.

Women University Multan Apply Online 2023

Female candidates planning to apply for in Women’s University are now able to download admission forms and announcements via the internet using this. Only applications made online are accepted. The applicant must fill out the admission form in order to get considered for ADS, ADA, BS (4 Years), BS 5th Semester and MPhil admission in 2023’s fall semester.

Women University Multan Last Date 2023

The admission announcements began during the week beginning September 20, 2023,. The Women University Multan Last Date 2023 falls in September 20, 2023. After that date, no applicant will be be eligible for admission. Therefore, you are able to apply for admission before the deadline.

Women University Multan Application Form 2023

Fill in the admissions form by filling in your name and details about your academic program and click submit to submit your application. Women University Multan Admission Form is now available for download. You can download it from this page. After filling out the required information. Be aware that if you fail to follow the correct procedure, your admission process will be terminated by the school’s management.

[Download Application Form or Apply Online]

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

Eligibility for BS or Equivalent

The student should hold the FA Degree. If their age not exceed 24. If this is the case, then the student is eligible to apply for BS or equivalent. Students who quit their studies due to any reason during the two years are not qualified. Students must pass the entrance exam to be admitted to the university.

Eligibility for MA /MSc or Equivalent

The student must have the degree from a BA or BSc are eligible and is not greater than 26 years old. Students who have not completed their studies for a minimum of two years are not qualified. Students need to pass an exams to gain admission into the university.

Eligibility for MS/M.Phil or Equivalent/ Ph.D

Students who are applying for admission into MS M.Phil or other should be able to pass GAT general, which test is administered by the National Testing Service (NTS). Students must score 50% marks on that test in order to be eligible for admission. students with a Ph.D. should be able to pass the GAT general test too.

Women University Multan Admission 2023 Apply Online

Women University Multan Admission 2022 Apply Online Admission 2023

Check out this page for additional information on admission dates, advertising as well as the criteria for the entrance exam and the results of the merit lists, and the fee structure. So, you must be aware of the reasons for your admission. Women University Multan is a public-sector college that was founded in 2013 by the chief of staff Mian Shehbaz Sharif. Women University Multan Admission Form is available for download. It is possible to download it quickly by visiting this page. When you fill in the required information.

WUM University Admission 2023

Be careful since if you commit any mistakes during the admission process, it is revoked by the administrative. It is recognized with HEC, the Higher Education Commission HEC and awards qualifications at undergraduate, postgraduate or graduate degrees. The admissions announcements began on September 20 in 2023. The Women University Multan Last Date 2023 is September 2023. WU Multan started its journey with the name of Women College Multan which was later upgraded to the status of an university.

Women University Multan Programs 2023

The admission Notice Fall 2023-23 for WUM has been posted here. The admissions are now open to Associate Degree Programmes (ADP Two Years), BS (4 Years), BS (2-Years), MPhil, Ph.D. and various other diplomas. The complete list of BS (4 years), as well as BS (2 years) programs, are provided below. The WUM was founded in 1947 as a Government Women’s College and later it was transformed into a University.